America under attack

It’s surprising how little outrage has been expressed about the Russians invading the United States. Whether by land, sea, air or cyberspace, it is still an invasion. It is a direct threat to our democracy. This matters because no one knows how it affected our 2016 election or how it will in the future with computer hacking, spreading fake news and information warfare. We do know the Russians were able to get into 21 states and into some voter rolls. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin wants to weaken our democratic processes and political integrity, resulting in a deep divide in our electorate.

By creating doubt, division and insecurity in all our citizens, Putin knows we can hardly act as one voice if we are constantly fighting with one another. While no one wins in an all-out nuclear war, it is very possible to win using subterfuge, spies, blackmail and “cyberbots,” spreading illusions, diffusion, distrust and intimidation.

Congress is sitting on its collective hands and downplaying this monstrous threat. We must put country over party. The promise of our democracy is free and fair elections unimpeded by outside foreign intimidation and influence. If Russia had hacked our electrical grid, nuclear power plants, military apparatus or banking systems, would we then sit up and take notice and become one voice again?

Trust is the bedrock of our democracy. Do not allow this invasion to destroy our country. Want to stay free? Then wake up!

Betty Barton, Belton

Just another shooting

Another school shooting. Are we just going to talk about how terrible it is and blame it on mental illness, then do nothing to keep our children safe? Years ago parents sent their children to school knowing that they were safe. Not anymore. There have been so many school shootings, killing so many young people.

Yes, guns do kill people. It is too easy for anyone to obtain a gun. And why does anyone need a semi-automatic weapon? These were designed for use in war.

It would be a sad reflection on our society if we have to arm our teachers and the schools in lock-down.

This should not be a political issue. We all need to work together to make sure these semi-automatic weapons are not readily available and keep our children safe.

Valerie Fallas, Waco

Look a little closer

Regarding Mercer Buchanan’s Feb. 8 letter concerning the term “second-class citizen,” she evidently didn’t look hard enough for a definition because it’s right there. It references citizens who are treated as less than other members of society. If you don’t believe they exist, try putting on a dress and applying for a job. Or disguise yourself as a person of color and try to do just about anything. I couldn’t find a definition for “willfully obtuse man” but I’m pretty sure they’re out there.

Peggy Houston, Waco