Vote no on Prop 4

However you feel about proposed constitutional amendments on the Nov. 7 ballot, you should definitely have an opinion on Proposition 4. Though it might not seem earth-shaking from its dullish text, it’s important. Proposition 4 would require notice to the state attorney general of any challenge to the constitutionality of a statute. It mandates a waiting period before a judge can issue a ruling.

In essence, if a person’s rights have been violated, the state wants to prevent immediate relief. Well, states’ rights do not include violating the rights of citizens. And judges do not make decisions based solely on an allegation. Proof must be presented before the judge or judges make their ruling. However, the state would prefer that judges made the decisions based on arguments rather than evidence.

It’s important to note that the state is asking you to approve a measure that in no way benefits the people but rather the government. It may not even affect you, but you never know if it may affect someone you know and care about.

Another consequence is that this proposition would basically subject the judicial branch of the Texas government to the will of the legislative and executive branches, essentially preventing it from being able to rein in an overzealous Legislature and governor.

This entire year has been a public display of the legislative and executive authorities of the State of Texas attempting to centralize power in the hands of bureaucrats in Austin, while simultaneously attempting to weaken any other government body through various means. They spent taxpayer dollars to hold a special session whose purpose was the forwarding of a political agenda to empower the state over local matters.

So how will I vote on Proposition 4? I’m voting no. If you believe our state should be held in check to the restrictions and limitations set forth in the U.S. Constitution, you will vote no, too.

Terry Commander, Bellmead

Penn on the godless

Does President Trump really think he’s still the unquestioned boss as he was on TV’s “The Apprentice”? He certainly seems to continue playing the role in his many appearances at the White House and elsewhere. Consider the words of William Penn: “Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.”

Wake up, America. It’s later than we think!

Cora Lee Jones, Moody

Bully for Mart?

After the Friday night football game between Mart and Axtell, the Mart coach should be ashamed to show his face. A 90-0 final score is not a victory, it’s a humiliation. Imagine how those kids must have felt when they woke up Saturday morning.

Jack Crane, Waco