Justice denied

I sit here thinking that I do not understand the McLennan County injustice system. District Attorney Abel Reyna continues in office when better men in our country have resigned their offices for far less against their fellow citizens. He has trapped our community in a three-year example of lost justice. William E. Gladstone said it best as far back as 1848: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Yes, crimes were committed at Twin Peaks in May 2015. Those people responsible who have not been brought to trial are not receiving justice. The fact the DA’s office cannot seem to figure out who did it and prosecute them just adds to the lack of justice for all. Reyna and his band of prosecutors simply cannot get the job done. They should just man up and say they cannot get this job done — or that the people who have lives and families held hostage by the DA’s office just don’t have the money to buy their way out.

From all indications in sworn affidavits, this district attorney is also being investigated by the federal government. On top of Twin Peaks and this investigation, he was apparently unable to do the math that would have kept child killer Ed Graf in jail. More? Let us not forget Reyna and his office have cost county taxpayers millions of dollars over this Twin Peaks mess.

DA Reyna is totally incompetent and should not be running for re-election. He should be resigning. The voters will have to tell him that he must go.

The people who died will not get justice either. Sad for Waco, McLennan County and America.

David M. Gray, Waco

* * *

Regarding District Attorney Abel Reyna’s decision a week ago to begin dismissing Twin Peaks cases shortly before a contested primary election: Gee, it only took three years and thousands of taxpayer dollars for the DA to find out that cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all indictments do not work. How special!

Dan Dayton, West

Flores slave to NRA

As a lifelong Republican I have always supported gun ownership. I still do. But I am leaving the Republican Party because I’m sick of the money that Representative Bill Flores and his colleagues take from the NRA and I’m irate that nothing has been done to stop the insanity.

No one needs an assault rifle unless they’re in the military. I know that most politicians put money before the interests of the people they’re elected to represent, but when will it be enough? When it’s their child? Their grandchild? The teachers in their family?

Enough. It’s time for Flores and the rest of Congress to do their job and do what the majority of Americans want. Kick the NRA out of Washington and make tighter gun laws. Now.

Janine Eggers, Woodway

* * *

Whether in the womb or public schools, no child is safe from leftist Democrats.

Rick Ellis, Axtell