Baylor furor

I congratulate Linda Carol Trotter for such a great job of expressing her thoughts to the Baylor Nation [“Plenty of shame to go around in Baylor Nation,” Sunday]. She covered every base. I agree with everything she wrote. I second the motion that the Baylor University Board of Regents needs to go — the sooner the better. We need a new group that has Baylor’s original intent in mind.

Thank you, Linda Carol, for your service! Just for the record, I’m from a family of 18 Baylor graduates and have two grandsons attending Baylor.

Kitty Swogetinsky Millard, BU class of ’57, Houston

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By now, those shameless wretches who purchased season tickets for Baylor home games and didn’t attend all of them are feeling sharp pangs of remorse as their dark deeds have been brought to light by Linda Carol Trotter. As recipients of public castigation, they must be wrought with feelings of humiliation and self-abomination. The ensuing mental anguish will compel them to rend their garments and heap sackcloth and ashes upon their heads as acts of contrition.

It’s only fitting they be forced to wear a green and gold letter “B” from their necks should they venture out in public, so others may know of their disreputable deeds and avoid them.

Don Garretson, West

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If I’m not mistaken, the Pepper Hamilton law firm, under contract, performed an exhaustive, nine-month investigation of Baylor University. The cost of this investigation, if ever disclosed, would probably boggle the mind of Baylor alumni. Our august regents at Baylor have stonewalled the Baylor Nation, claiming this professional law firm never compiled, transcribed and furnished regents with a concise, complete report of its findings.

Surely, the sterling list of major Baylor contributors, captains of industry, renowned jurists and others has the collective clout to force disclosure of this report. Until regents are forced to release the Pepper Hamilton report, Baylor will continue to struggle under this dark cloud.

Dan Dayton, West

Deplore who?

If I may, let me ask just who is being deplorable now? Freedom of speech is alive and well in America, but when someone is burning our flag on Veterans Day in protest of whatever, deplorable is not the word I have in mind. Meanwhile, we have lost two American soldiers in Afghanistan who died fighting for our country.

These protesters need to go back to work or school and quit lapping up the attention they’re getting from being on television. And shame on them if they’re being encouraged or receiving money to protest. By the way, there is a possibility Hillary Clinton did not capture the popular vote as indicated. Running for president of our country is not a popularity contest. God bless America, love it or leave it!

Bess Tucker, Waco