Pray a little stronger

We are NOT going to sing a little louder. We are going to pray and act a little stronger.

A popular life-defender flyer includes a story told by a member of a small country church in Nazi Germany. During the Jewish holocaust, a train passed by the Christian Church noisily each Sunday. Along with the clacking of the railroad tracks, the voices of humans crying out could be heard. Worshipers knew this was a death train.

They decided they could do nothing and turned their minds and hearts away from the tragic reality. As the train passed each Sunday, the congregation would sing their hymns a little louder so they would not hear voices crying out for help.

With the 2017 return of abortion to Waco, Christians face a similar situation. Central Texas Christians will not sing a little louder. Indeed, in the month of October, Christians are coming together in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil on behalf of adult and preborn victims of abortion. We will allow our hearts to be broken.

Thank you to all prayer volunteers who come out during daylight hours for prayer at the sidewalks of Planned Parenthood in support of decisions affirming life and for the eventual end to abortion in our city. The 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in Waco, and in 374 other cities worldwide, continues through Nov. 4.

John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco

Democrats not patriotic

Donna Myers, in her letter of Oct. 1, states that just because she and others are Democrats and liberals does not mean they are not proud Americans. They stand for the national anthem and when the flag is raised and support law enforcement officers. Really! Who is supporting the NFL players who are taking a knee to the flag and anthem and who supports the Black Lives Matter protestors against the police. It is the Democrats.

The economy of the United States was founded on capitalism where you have private owners of businesses and free enterprise. The liberals have installed a socialist health-care system under President Obama and he described his proposed income tax changes as sharing the wealth. Both of these are a part of the socialist agenda.

Democrats are pushing America to adopt a secular, socialist society and government. Either Myers does not really understand what liberals and Democrats stand for or she is just trying to put a positive face on their attempt to move the United States from its founding principles.

Don Hardcastle, Waco

* * *

This goes out to all NFL players. This is what the flag stands for: The star is a symbol of the heaven and the goals to which men can reach. Red is for hardiness, valor and bloodshed. Blue is for vigilance, justice and perseverance. White is for purity and innocence. Stripes are a symbol of light coming from the sun. If these players cannot understand this, they need to be fired and forgotten.

JJ Woychesin, Bremond