Keeping time

The Jan. 8 Trib article on the county’s clocks, by J.B. Smith, was very interesting. If I had a vote, I would vote to put both clocks back in service close to their original locations: the smaller clock close to City Hall, the larger clock and bell on an easily viewed pedestal close to the McLennan County Courthouse.

I worked at and retired from the courthouse and was always interested in the discussions concerning the clocks even back then. I remember Wayne Canaday doing a lot of work on them, trying to get them in working order so they could be used again. I am even more interested now after reading this article because till now I did not realize that my grandfather, Fred Studer, originally installed the smaller clock in 1904 at City Hall.

It’s my hope that the county and city can agree on a solution to reinstate these valued Waco historical pieces so citizens of Waco and visitors can enjoy them in the future.

Jean Waddell Vestal, Woodway

Missing info

The Jan. 8 Associated Press story in the Trib concerning the criminal prosecution of Cliven Bundy could not be less informative. It appears to be more likely written by a Bureau of Land Management or U.S. Department of Justice press officer than an objective journalist.

The AP reported federal Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial but it offered no mention of why. It turns out the judge found BLM authorities organized surveillance and arranged for snipers in an attempt to provoke Bundy into a confrontation. When questioned by the defense about these actions, the U.S. attorney tried to cover up government misconduct. The information only became public because of a BLM whistleblower.

I’m sure the AP once had higher ambitions than serving as stenographers to government agents.

Jerry Lenamon, Waco

Do you care?

That the retirement age for Medicare will probably change to 70? That Medicare will be substantially cut by the new tax law? That 13 million people will lose health care? That 9 million children will have no health insurance coverage due to CHIP ending? That your health-care premiums will rise 100 percent over 10 years due to the new tax scam? That gun violence is running rampant with zero action from Congress to protect citizens? That Texas government depends on the federal government for a third of its budget? That our environment is being damaged and our national parks are being destroyed? That Social Security will be drastically changed and not to your benefit? That Medicaid changes could result in residents being thrown out of nursing homes?

We need to hold hands with one another to work for a better 2018. These are not solely Christian, Islamic, Buddhist or other religious values. These are human values.

Randy Broussard, Belton