Dogs on the mind

Unfounded: any objection to the proposed Hewitt dog park based on the assertion that if 10 dogs are out there, they will bark their heads off. Go by any well-run dog park and you’ll not hear barking. In fact, you will hear the opposite. You’ll hear owners correcting dogs that bark or see them removing unruly dogs. People who take the time to drive their dog to a dog park don’t want the experience ruined by their dog or anybody else’s.

As for a splash pad, that will certainly be noisy! When parents take their kids to a park, it’s to get them to burn off energy and allow them to play unencumbered. Shrieks and laughter are signs things are going well at the park.

Having a dog park with separate small and large dog areas promotes responsible dog ownership. It’s also a way for the city to enforce codes concerning vaccinations and neutering/spaying. Animal control officers can monitor the park for compliance.

The pros of a dog park far outweigh the cons, and justify the cost.

Deborah Michals, Golinda

* * *

On Sept. 29, the Trib featured a photo of a 5-year-old girl letting a dog lick her mouth. That’s a no-no because animals carry diseases and dogs do lick their private parts. If children see this, they’re likely to think such behavior is OK. Parents need to ensure they know better.

Gladys Schaeper, Robinson

Landfill expansion

Concerning the proposed landfill site: Waco City Council members, Mayor Kyle Deaver and SCS engineering consultants need to read the 1992 agreement which states the existing landfill 948A will not be expanded. When the Miller and Gross properties were purchased by the city of Waco, we were told it was for recreational purposes. The intent as we now know was to expand the existing landfill and violate the 1992 agreement.

Only three sites need to be considered for a landfill, not four as stated in the paper. The site on Old Lorena Road was one of those mentioned and it should not be considered because of the 1992 agreement which states the existing landfill should not be expanded.

Robert Kendrick, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just for clarity’s sake, city officials deny the site along Old Lorena Road would constitute an expansion and cite 1992 City Council minutes and the aforementioned agreement to bolster their position. To quote Mayor Deaver when we asked the same question: “My response is, ‘It’s not an expansion.’ An expansion is a very specific term within the workings of the [Texas Commission on Environmental Quality]. I understand this is not a position that landfill opponents want to hear because it doesn’t meet their agenda. Honestly, that is another one of those items that really bothers me because I think we have city management that acts with integrity and the council has tried to do the right thing on this, so that aspect has given me a lot of concern.”