Moore insanity

First off, I don’t believe in abortion per se unless the mother’s life is in danger or in cases of incest or rape. Then I think the woman should do what she thinks is best for the child and her. So I guess I’m one of those Kay King cites in her Dec. 17 letter calling on those “cowering behind expressions of ‘abortion’ and ‘reproductive rights’ to “man up” on abortion and reproductive rights. Yet there are a lot of people who believe the same way I do.

And thank goodness Alabama voters did not want a pedophile (yes, it’s been proven) for their senator. Some of them have morals. I don’t consider preying on young girls as a ”marred past with wrong choices,” as Ms. King does. I call him a dirty old man.

B.J. Hall, Waco


Kay King: I was stunned to see your support for credibly accused pedophile and certified right-wing nut-job Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. I wish you cared as much about baby girls at 14 years post-gestation as you do about babies during gestation. Your reasoning is precisely why your group should be labeled “pro-birth” and most certainly not “pro-life.”

Cheryl Foster, Waco


Claiming she would rather have a child molester as a U.S. senator instead of a Democrat is what’s wrong with this country. The people of Alabama have spoken. While I personally believe in a woman’s right to choose, at this time it’s also legal. Molesting underage women is not.

Steve Williams, Waco


Kay King is the typical evangelical tribal loyalist. It’s all about one issue. She labels the fetuses innocent babies but seems to have no concern for little babies already born.

The problem goes beyond Roy Moore. Consider the Children’s Health Insurance Program that Republicans refuse to fund. Roy Moore would have no doubt gone along with them. King calls Moore’s past marred. Hmm. A pedophile’s past is just marred? He also betrayed certain hints of racism in his remarks, including his willingness to scrap constitutional amendments that liberated blacks from bondage in the United States. There is also his statement that American life was better before the Civil War. But obviously that doesn’t matter to Ms. King and deluded evangelical friends who think like her.

This group is proving time and time again to be destructive in their thinking and voting. Now a new tax bill that favors mainly the rich will no doubt lead us into another great recession. The way these right-wingers think is laughable till you realize they get to vote too.

John Vickrey, Norman, Okla.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just in the interest of accuracy, House Republicans did pass a bill funding CHIP, but Democrats balked at how it’s funded, such as through cuts in Affordable Care Act funding. It’s now funded through March.