Party of hypocrisy

I am somewhat liberal in my social views and somewhat conservative in my financial views. Consequently, I am rarely at home with either the Democratic or Republican camps. The latest tax proposals advanced by the GOP, which will not only not shrink the national debt but actually add to it significantly, have convinced me the current GOP Congress in Washington and Republican presidency are clearly a party of hypocrisy.

I am old enough to remember how both before and after Ronald Reagan the GOP wailed and harangued about the national debt, about the unconscionable fiscal burden we placed on future generations — only to see these protests disappear once they got in positions to actually do something about the problem. Instead, then as now, they trot out the old “trickle-down theory,” an economic policy that George H.W. Bush correctly termed “voodoo economics.”

I happen to agree with the Republicans that the national debt is a gigantic problem. I fear we are poised to become Greece on steroids. But when the GOP controls the House, the Senate and the White House, suddenly this same debt becomes not so urgent, simply a problem to be kicked down the road till Democrats are in power again. And then, once again, the GOP can scream about the tax-and-spend Democrats. Well, there is something worse than tax-and-spend Democrats — and that is the cut-taxes-but-continue-to-spend Republican Party. What a pack of hypocrites.

Michael E. Field, Hewitt

Pro-life perspective

The Baylor chapter of the American Scientific Affiliation will host a pro-life Q&A panel titled “Does Life Matter?” from 7 to 8 p.m. Wednesday in Morrison Hall, Room 100. The decision to abort a child is a tragic one, often made in the midst of difficult and unanticipated circumstances. To help women consider all options and the consequences of aborting a child, BCoASA has put together a panel of experts to answer the most difficult pro-life questions from the Baylor student population and broader Waco community. The panel will answer questions from both Christian and secular perspectives.

CareNet of Central Texas CEO Deborah McGregor will head the panel. Other members are philosophy professor Alexander Pruss, Dominican priest Robert Verrill and Aine Fitzgerald, 40 Days for Life organizer, all of whom have significant experience concerning pro-life issues.

BCoASA is hosting the panel in response to Planned Parenthood recently opening a multi-million-dollar abortion facility off State Highway 6. According to the Guttmacher Institute, it’s primarily women in their early 20s who have abortions, making Baylor’s student population a key demographic for the new facility. Pizza and other refreshments will be provided free of charge during the event.

Eric Holloway, Baylor University