Trib in review

A few catch-up comments from someone who is not on Facebook and sounds off via snail mail:

  • The Dec. 27 editorial in homage to longtime Trib contributor Jeanie Mercer was wonderful. Her personality and enjoyment of life came through as well as her heartfelt description of life all around her and her values. Bravo! I wish I was as good a poet with words as she was.
  • Kudos to our Tribune-Herald sportswriters for their ethics and courage in standing up and not voting for the current Heisman Trophy winner. What a person does and how he behaves tells so much more about his inner values. The winner may have exhibited prowess on the field to win the trophy, but personal values are more important and endure longer. Again, I appreciate Brice Cherry’s and John Werner’s stands.
  • I loved the selection of Christmas poems in the paper’s Christmas Eve edition — one of the rare times it publishes poems. Christmas is supposed to be about love, forgiveness and caring for our fellow man. At least, that’s how I see it. What a contrast in tone and topic between the cleverly vindictive poem by Lester Beaird and the latter by Raymond Carey. Of the two, I would much rather know Mr. Carey. Mr. Beaird’s had no real love, only a passion for his own wit. I hope other readers were able to recognize the difference in tone between the two pieces. Too many people have blinders on now and only see things for themselves and how they impact them. I pray God helps us all see the Golden Rule.

I also loved reading the responses to President Trump’s tweets, including the comment of one regarding sexual assaults and excuses presented to allow otherwise sane people to accept abnormal behavior. I wish I had her guts!

Nancy Marquis, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just for the record, Lester Beaird, who wrote the holiday poem lampooning columns by Trib contributors David Gallagher and David Schleicher, is a pretty nice fellow!

Christmas gift

The Zev Chafets column, “Time to realize Israel isn’t the problem in volatile Mideast,” published in the Trib, was a belated Christmas present. The efforts of allied nations to form a Palestinian state as well as a nation of Israel were thwarted by none other than the Palestinians in 1948. Allies carved up the land, giving over 95 percent to the Palestinians and the “leavings” to Israel. Israel quickly accepted the offer, but the Palestinians flatly refused the proposition.

Well, 69 years later, that’s where we all find ourselves. Never in that period was a nation called Palestine, ever. So it goes today. Israel was a nation 5,000 years ago and its historic capital was Jerusalem. It will become obvious as time moves forward that history cannot be changed by destroying monuments and relegating history to old, dust-covered books. My thanks to the Trib. Happy New Year!

Dan Dayton, West