Cheers to BGCT

Three cheers to the Baptist General Convention of Texas! Apparently many people are missing the message of Christ. It’s not about free love and acceptance. It’s about having a single-mindedness toward God the Father. It’s about doing exactly what God wants.

Whether we are talking about lesbians, gays, drunks, drug addicts or any other person preoccupied with worldly matters, you cannot come into the Kingdom of Heaven. They can bang on the Gates of Heaven all they want, but the Baptist General Convention of Texas says: “No!”

Single-mindedness means you cannot be a drunk or a drug addict on the weekends and sober during the middle of the week. Single-mindedness is not following two masters. Devotion is to be directed to God, not embracing the desires of the flesh. If you were standing on the corner waiting for the last bus to take you home and a bag of money fell to the ground across the street, do you have the ability to resist and wait for your last chance to go home? This skill of single-mindedness must be learned and God the Father is the only one who can teach us this skill.

I warned my own children of this fact. I do not have the strength to force open the Gates of Heaven. One must develop a relationship with God the Father.

Clarence Ted Symank, Waco

So now the liberal geniuses running the NBA and NFL have issued a warning to Texas about passing laws which those geniuses might deem discriminatory. This is after they warned Georgia not to pass a religious freedom law. Hopefully Texas will tell those liberal bullies what they can do with their threat.Liberal values are so upside-down and backwards that many pro-LGBT people believe it is OK to ignore the feelings of decent, moral people who don’t want their children to share bathrooms with adult, sexually confused transgenders. In other words, many liberals place the disordered feelings of transgenders (and heterophobic homosexuals) above the feelings of normal people. Truly bizarre.Trump beat Clinton in part because a lot of decent, moral people are getting really fed up with liberal judgmentalism, liberal self-righteousness, liberal name-calling, liberal violence and hate, liberal intolerance and liberal bullying.One big problem with liberals is they don’t seem to understand there is a difference between the words “legal” and “illegal.” For example, legal immigration is fine generally speaking. Illegal immigration is not fine. Pretty simple, but it’s apparently still too complicated for a lot of liberals.

And what kind of people believe in discriminating against decent, moral business people who don’t want to, say, cater to the “weddings” of heterophobic homosexuals? Could the answer be: “Ignorant liberal bigots”?

Wayne Lela, Downers Grove, Illinois