Voting 101

I voted on Hewitt Drive on opening day of early voting. I voted straight ticket. Summary pages showed no check mark for president. All other boxes were checked. I checked the box for president and submitted.

Voter error? My IQ far exceeds the paltry U.S. average of 98 and is well above the Hong Kong average of 109, highest in the world. I know how to read directions.

Ernie Wilson, Hewitt

EDITOR’S NOTE: Right. In response to your letter, Local Elections Administrator Kathy Van Wolfe tells us what election workers are occasionally seeing at the polls is something called “emphasis voting.” Citizens vote straight-ticket and then also vote in a specific race, which the voting equipment — recognizing that someone is voting for the same candidate twice — then “deselects” from the straight-ticket list. Peter Lichtenheld, vice president for operations at Hart InterCivic Inc., the county’s election vendor, tells us this habit may come from voters long accustomed to punch-card voting and their sometimes emphasizing a vote in fear they haven’t pushed the chad out. In any case, voters who want to vote straight-ticket and see discrepancies on their summary pages should contact a poll worker for help before casting their ballots. After you’ve cast a ballot, you can’t vote again. That’s law. Van Wolfe and Lichtenheld tell us local equipment was meticulously tested prior to this election and continues to be scrutinized during voting. Finally, Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos, a Republican, refutes Donald Trump’s claims of “vote-flipping” in Texas. In short — voter error remains the likely culprit in all this.

Checking her list

We don’t need a president who:

• Is not a gentleman.

• Makes incorrect statements.

• Is a loud, rough-talking speaker.

• Belittles others.

• Brags about himself.

• Is loony about his wealth.

• Has not paid his taxes for many years.

• Interrupts others regularly.

• Makes false promises.

• Calls people names.

• Humiliates others with personal attacks.

• Has no integrity.

• Thinks he is famous when he is infamous.

• Breaks his word to tradesmen and small businesses.

• Has a bad temper.

• Is a woman-hater.

• Makes issues of others’ marital problems.

• Is a slanderer.

• Showed his brand of lewd behavior in 2005.

• Calls someone else a devil.

Deanie Chastain, Woodway

Hear her roar!

Do we really want a woman to be president of the United States? I am a woman. Women are born emotional beings. Do we really want a leader who functions by emotions? Think about this. We need a man (whether Democrat or Republican) to lead our nation. A man is born to be more powerful than a woman. Please consider this as you vote.

Linda Schreiber, Waco