Many thanks!

We, the advisory board of the Salvation Army for McLennan County, thank this community. To everyone who has ever volunteered serving meals at our Community Kitchen or rung the bell at a Red Kettle at Christmastime, we say, “Thank you.” To our compassionate donors who share generous gifts and supportive messages, we say, “Thank you.” To you who contribute clothes, furniture and household goods, we say, “Thank you.” And if you participated in Food For Families, you benefited the Salvation Army’s food pantry and for that you have our thanks.

You may not know how the Salvation Army helps others beyond your point of support, so let us share briefly what we have learned as board members. The Salvation Army delivers critical help to people in need, families on the brink of crisis and individuals experiencing homelessness. Servicing McLennan County, committed officers and staff of this army focus on people who reside here, struggle here and hope to recover their personal footing here.

Because of caring and committed citizens like you, vital programs and services including Sally’s House (a shelter for women and women with children), utility assistance, seniors programming, emergency shelter and family services have a thriving impact on struggling households. This safety net of holistic services can be the difference between an individual experiencing a temporary crisis and a long-term catastrophe.

But we believe the Salvation Army also offers less visible help — that of mercy, dignity and hope. As members of this community, we strongly support their efforts. Thank you for the backbone of possibility your involvement adds to the Salvation Army’s works in Waco and McLennan County

Major Bradley Caldwell, Waco

Alabama tragedy

Somehow “Sweet Home Alabama” resounds as mere anomaly after voters there elected a hard-core, liberal Democrat who endorses the murder of unborn children. For those cowering behind expressions of “abortion” and “reproductive rights,” I suggest they man up and call this tragedy exactly what it is. I’d sooner settle for a senator whose past is marred with wrong choices than choose one whose future in government will end lives of innocent babies. Surely God intends the womb to be a safe place for precious life. But then God doesn’t settle all His accounts in December. “The wages of sin is death.”—-Romans 6:23.

Voting invokes irrefutable consequences.

Kay King, Eddy

Refreshing voice

I read Gary Abernathy’s column in amazement. Someone aligned with the Washington Post actually understands the “Trump phenomena.” Maybe Mr. Abernathy needs to spend a few days with the DNC and teach them Trump 101. What an honest and forthright breath of fresh air. And the Trib published it! Wow!

Dan Dayton, West