Becoming ex-gay

Four billboards are now up in Waco proclaiming: “Ex-gays prove change is possible.” They will be up the months of September and October. They originated through Lighthouse Freedom Ministry, which is participating with Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) and the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), which are two national ministries providing a message of hope and freedom to those experiencing an unwanted homosexual lifestyle.

Yes, there is a cry of opposition from those organizations and individuals who identify with the practice of a homosexual lifestyle. However, our message is not directed at them but at those individuals who are frustrated and struggling to change to a lifestyle consistent with their natural-born physical gender. There is no gay gene. Environmental conditions, sociological and psychological, tend to lead some individuals to a confused sexual identity.

Log on to the Internet to PFOX and NARTH to view practical and academic information that will substantiate these statements. Also, read the testimonies of hundreds of individuals, young and old, male and female, who have chosen to successfully change their lifestyles. There are also avenues of support for those individuals seeking help.

Remember, this is a ministry for those who want to find empathy and support as they struggle with an unwanted homosexual lifestyle.

Joe Cline, Lighthouse Freedom Ministry executive director, Waco

Too much Baylor

Is anybody besides me getting tired of opening the paper every few days and seeing headlines about Baylor? It seems like anytime there is an extra little tidbit, it ends up on the front page with a rehash of all the old news.

For instance, why did I need to know Shawn Oakman went into the locker room after one of the games? It wasn’t even on one of the sports pages but on the front page. How about giving it a break for a while and only put something on there if it really, really is important? Like maybe if all the regents resigned.

Sandy Jameson, McGregor

America doomed!

Conservative blogger and columnist Erick Erickson appears to have set himself above the ongoing political fray in his column in last Friday’s Trib. He makes assumptions regarding requests to the Almighty for forgiveness. He makes references to our Founding Fathers, paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin’s quote on liberty and safety.

I guess Erick forgot the quotation regarding Caesar: Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.

When Hillary Clinton becomes our president while self-possessed, holier-than-thou people such as Erickson sit on their hands and not vote, I suspect they will howl the loudest as America, and all it once stood for, dies with a whimper.

Dan Dayton, West