History now and then

As we continue our headlong rush to sanitize the past by purging every historical reference to anything now considered offensive, we would do well to remember that the same thing could happen to us someday.

It is not possible for us to live our lives in ways that will be seen as acceptable 200 years from now because we have no idea what people’s conception of right and wrong will be in the future. We know from history that our attitudes about morality are very different from those in the past. Can we be sure that future generations will not have a sense of morality very different from ours and condemn us for our beliefs just as we condemn past generations for theirs? If we judge previous generations by the standards of today, future generations will judge us by the standards of tomorrow, and we cannot know what those standards will be.

Mankind was given a code of moral conduct thousands of years ago. Because we don’t like the restrictions, or perhaps because we think we know more than God, we have largely abandoned that code, which may explain our historic lack of consistency regarding morality.

David B. Anderson, Waco

* * *

Concerning the lingering controversy surrounding Civil War statues and other memorabilia, one argument presented is: Consider the context of the times. While I have never liked anything about that devastating war that pitted brother against brother, the argument makes sense, especially when you think about our revered and sacrosanct Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Would we change the wording from “All men” to “everyone”... which in essence is how we interpret the wording today?

Can we not move on, admit our mistakes and consider that was the thinking of those times? To me, it just signifies how much we have grown as a country and society — and are still growing.

Nancy Marquis, Waco


In her letter, Juanita Case credits glitterati and Democratic media on the West Coast and Northeast for the big support Hillary Clinton received during the 2016 election. She has forgotten to mention there are also a large number of well-educated and well-informed people from these regions. She says she is tired of all the Trump-bashing.

Well, I am sorry, but the bashing has only just begun. Through ignorance and brain-washing by conservative outlets — those Ms. Case no doubts listens to — we have a president who lies 80 percent of the time, promotes tax cuts for the wealthiest, has exhibited numerous examples of incompetence and is corrupt. This does not touch on the fact that he is a misogynistic creep who will most likely be convicted for treason. And, yes, Ms. Case, despite what you hear on Fox News, the evidence is overwhelming. Do some research and you just might see the need to bash Trump too.

John Vickrey, Norman, Oklahoma