Texans for DACA

As an active grassroots Republican and former president of GOPisForMe, a Republican Party of Texas auxiliary group, I want to applaud Texas Congressmen Joe Barton and Bill Flores for their recent co-sponsoring of the Recognizing America’s Children Act. I firmly believe the DACA repeal was necessary as it was a unilateral and unconstitutional decision made by President Obama due to his unwillingness to work with Congress. However, we should not let partisan politics compromise the lives of 800,000 people and send them to a place they have never known.

The potential pieces of legislation place strict standards on DACA recipients, making sure they’re longtime residents of the United States who came here as children, are employed or in school and that they pay a financial penalty. Recipients must not have committed any serious crimes and pass a background check to ensure they’re not a threat to our country.

Congressmen Barton and Flores have taken a stand in support of fixing the problem despite some criticism from their political base. They should be lauded throughout the state and country for doing what’s right, for being compassionate and, most importantly, actually working to solve a problem in Washington.

Tony Abad, Waco

And the Lord said

Everyone is shocked by the antics of Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. That includes the news channels, newspapers and most people from both political parties. The filth that comes out of his mind is almost unbelievable, but his behavior may be indicative of others in the entertainment industry of our country.

Is anyone concerned that these thoughts and ideas may be coming out of the movies, television shows and others forms of entertainment they produce? Is anyone concerned that we are leading many others to follow their example? Thoughts and ideas of this nature lead to personal actions, just as Mr. Weinstein has shown. That then leads to personal destruction.

We may be in a position for the Good Lord to someday say: “I told you so.”

James Loudermilk, McGregor

Ready to protest

When you were drafted or enlisted, did anybody tell you that someday when you are 71 years old like me, the Department of Veterans Affairs will take care of all your medical needs except dental? How can the two not be connected?

Let me know when and where we are going to get together and protest.

USAF veteran Billy W. Brown, McGregor

Pucker up!

I ask Trib editorial board members Jim Wilson, Steve Boggs and Bill Whitaker to demand that Donna Myers and Jerry Willett kiss and make up.

Rachel Williams, Oglesby