Exciting 2018

As we welcome the season of giving, we at the Art Center of Waco reflect on how gracious our members and friends have been to us during the center’s virtual homelessness. The board and staff extends special thanks to McLennan Community College, which gave us a home for many years, and Cultivate 7twelve, the Mayborn Museum and Interior Glow for their generosity in our time of need.

Our current base of operations is at Cultivate 7twelve, 712 Austin Avenue. It’s refreshing to be in such a creative environment surrounded by artists and entrepreneurs while our building search committee pursues a new long-term home for the Art Center. Because issues with our building forced us to move much earlier than we planned (sometime next year), we are not offering Cookies & Coloring or Squish, Scribble, Splatt! in the spring of 2018. We are taking this break to focus on planning and development so that we may better serve the Waco community. Taking this time to plan will help us honor our commitment to take the Art Expedition mobile art exhibit to more schools and community events in early 2018.

The Art Expedition is bringing art to Waco-area schools and to public events within the Cultural District in downtown Waco. This grant-funded program began in October, the perfect time for us. We are ready to take the exhibition to more schools and public events in the spring. We will continue offering adult art classes beginning with still life acrylic painting, Jan. 10-31, followed by a weaving class in February, both taught by Trisstah Wagstaff.

The future looks bright as we move toward creating a new beginning. Thank you for supporting the arts in Waco and beyond. Please consider taking the next step through a donation, membership or volunteering. Email us at info@artcenterwaco.org for all the ways to help and watch our website for upcoming events.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas!

Meg Gilbert, Director, Art Center of Waco

Those who believe

It is the Christmas season and we find ourselves in a national movement to remove all expressions of religion from the public sector. Well, we are now seeing the results of having the religious-based moral code removed from much of society. Both in the social and political arenas we are in shambles.

Those who believe there is no god should explore two questions. First, explain how some organism crawled out of a pond a few million years ago and developed on its own into the human body with its complex DNA and reproductive systems.

Next, from physics we know you cannot get something from nothing. So what could have provided enough energy to produce about 2 trillion galaxies, each with an average of 100 billion stars, when the Big Bang occurred 13.8 billion years ago?

Thus, if there is life after death, when I meet whatever had what it takes to accomplish these works, I want my life to be counted among those who believed.

Don Hardcastle, Waco