Hypocrisy amok

In a Nov. 19 letter, Jim Ernst suggested in response to another letter that a Trump supporter is “horribly off base” regarding the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Ernst seems to still believe in the widespread liberal fantasy that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Certainly it’s difficult to prove that Trump most likely won the “legitimate” popular vote by a landslide, but it’s not impossible. Yet federal efforts to audit and verify results state by state were effectively stymied by zealots on the left who could not deal with any form of transparency.

Mainstream media reject and fail to report little things like rampant voter fraud in states which are totally in Democratic Party control. One example is the 2016 election recount conducted in Michigan. The recount effort had to be discontinued because they found more votes cast in the Detroit area than there were registered voters. And of course there are states such as California that have criminally lax voter ID laws which not only allow but encourage illegal aliens to register to vote when they get a driver’s license. With a total of more than 120 million votes cast nationwide, it’s not hard to see how even 1 percent of the votes being fraudulent could give one candidate a perceived “popular vote victory.”

Democrats should be totally outraged by the fact that the common voter had absolutely no voice in selecting the Democratic Party presidential nominee during the primary. Just ask former Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile, she’ll tell you. Fact is Hillary Clinton was guaranteed the 2016 nomination back in 2008 in return for supporting Barack Obama. The evidence is abundant, empirical, overwhelming. Former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz even admitted that the party was totally supporting HRC during an interview on CNN. She stated that the “super delegates” were in place to keep a grassroots movement from selecting the party’s presidential nominee.

Relevant question for Mr. Ernst here: Isn’t the super-delegate system exactly the same as the Electoral College system that Democrats so vigorously decry in this election? Anybody besides me notice a bit of hypocrisy here?

Frank M. Slaby, McGregor

Good sport

As an avid Texas Rangers fan who rues a rather sad season, I congratulate the Houston Astros, 2017 World Series Champions. During the on-field celebration preceding award ceremonies, the Astros’ hot-corner man — No. 2 third-baseman Alex Bregman — dropped to his knees and raised both hands in an apparent expression of thanksgiving.

Inversely, I’m more than ready to write off those NFL wannabe men who shamefully took a knee during the presentation of our national anthem. Baseball — as American as apple pie and Dutch Schroeder — it’s my sport!

Kay King, Eddy