Vote Scott Milder

Fact: A public education is a right guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution. To quote from the latter, “ shall be the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools.”

Once again the right to a free public education is being attacked. Leading politicians at the head of state are pushing their ideology of school choice by trashing our current public ed system. Texas spends $9,561 per public ed student on average, but the national average is $12,251 (NEA, May 2016). Texas ranked 38th in funding within the United States, yet the economy of Texas is ranked sixth. Texas educates one in every 10 students nationwide but we provide fewer than needed resources to our children, even with a booming economy. Shameful.

Now our Legislature wants to take money from public education and give it to private schools, thus systematically killing public education. Who loses? Poor students, struggling students at risk, students with disabilities, educators and communities will lose.

So what do we do? We VOTE…. March 6 is the GOP primary. On the ballot for lieutenant governor are two names: Incumbent Dan Patrick and challenger Scott Milder. Milder supports public education while Patrick wants to take taxpayer money away from public schools and give it to the rich.

I am a lifelong dedicated Democrat but I’m also a realist. Unfortunately in Texas, decisions are made in the GOP primary, so I am going to cross over and vote in the GOP primary for Scott Milder. I encourage all my Democratic friends to do the same. Support Texas public education by voting out the people who want to permanently destroy Texas Public Schools.

Candace Threadgill, Tomball

More of Moore

I was highly disappointed when I received my Waco Today, perused the “Women in Business” spotlight and saw that you left out a prominent businesswoman that Waco should be proud of. Her name is Bridgett Moore. She is a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant and sales director The lady over eight years has earned a Cadillac SUV. More than that, she has reached national director status, earning her photo on Times Square in New York City.

She is also a Christian woman who cares for every customer and never uses the hard sell but instead truly works with every woman to make her feel good about herself. Go to her Facebook page and see her pics along with the travels she has experienced through her business. I think you should do a cover story on her. You will find she has had success through several challenges but that God has carried her through her business because she has put God first.

Patricia Dungan, Waco