Post-election blues

For all of you who voted for Trump this week, welcome to Nazi Germany version 2.0. For his KKK supporters and his American Nazi Party supporters: Congratulations. You can stop hiding in the woods. You can come right out and be as racist in public as our new president.

To all the women in our country whose mothers and grandmothers fought so hard and so long for our rights, welcome to 1950. As Trump said in his campaign, he thinks the government has the right to tell us what to do with our bodies — and if you don’t do what he likes, you can go to prison. Trump cannot change our country back into a bunch of old white men running everything but he is going to try.

I feel most sorry for the people he promised would get back their jobs — jobs that moved to Taiwan 30 years ago. Wonder if his promises will get back the houses and cars that were repossessed. Is he going to pay for this out of his own pocket?

I know exactly who voted for him — elderly people afraid of change, people who want immigrants out of our country, racists and women-haters. In other words, people like him. I can’t wait to see someone heckle him during a speech because our current president sure has to deal with it all the time. Is he going to have them forcibly removed? It is called freedom of speech and he is going to have to suck it up and wear his big-boy panties, if he has any.

Janet Smith, Waco

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First, I’m sick of Trump voters being described as uneducated white males. I am a white male who is far from “uneducated.” I have a BA in public administration and my lady friend attended the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor when it was an all-girls school.

I am retired from the U.S. Navy where I was a nuclear technician in the Submarine Service (a very tough course of study, academically). I enrolled in the University of Puget Sound in 1972 at age 40 and completed my studies in two years. I also enrolled in their MBA program, finally realizing that I was trying to empty the ocean with a teacup and dropping out with only 3 credits left till I graduated. I was 46 and realized an MBA would not offer any benefit.

I voted for Trump. I still remember Whitewater, the cattle futures, all the women Hillary trashed, Monica Lewinsky, Travelgate and all of Hillary’s transgressions. I remember Bill Clinton, who was unable to keep his fly zipped up. Added to her email issues is the fact all of her top advisers were Muslims, as were Obama’s top people. When I considered all that, there was no way I could vote for HRC. I am seriously considering dropping my subscription to the Trib because of anti-Trump articles like the one by Garrison Keillor, which is pure Trump-bashing. And Trump is right about the mainstream media being all in for HRC with the exception of Fox News and Fox Business, which I watch almost 24/7/365.

I also have my doubts about Obama’s citizenship.

Joseph Bays, West