Turn on Fox for truth!

I truly feel sorry for Pamela Arteaga, who vents about President Trump while recounting her own medical misfortunes [Letters, Aug. 6]. She has had some hard knocks in life, being injured on the job at a relatively young age and having very little money on which to exist. I am not sure, but I suspect she should qualify for some help with her medical bills. Others receive help. I hope someone with more knowledge will be able to assist her. Ms. Arteaga was injured during the Reagan administration. There were four presidents since then before the arrival of President Trump.

Major press groups have been hostile to Trump and reported some pretty nasty things about our president. I imagine Ms. Arteaga has no other sources for news and has been taking in lots of bad stories and many, many lies.

Ms. Arteaga, your president is not an ogre and has no intention of hurting the poor or anyone else. If the president is left alone, I truly feel he can fulfill all the promises he made during the campaign. He has already done many things, but you would not know it if you believe all the lies told about Trump. The Democrats and their supporters are doing everything they can to hurt Trump. The sad thing, they are hurting the country. Let them try to win anymore elections.

Ms. Arteaga, turn to Fox News and see how many thousands turn out to Trump rallies. Many millions support him. There must be a reason why. Liberals such as Cheryl Bohde will tell you all of the bad things she can think of and how big, bad and ugly Donald Trump is but not one of his accomplishments. If the intelligent Democrats would start doing something good for the country instead of trying to derail Donald Trump, everyone would be better off.

Fred Khoury, Waco

Ignoring small business

If any further proof is needed that the City of Waco and McLennan County only award incentives and tax abatements to Big Business, you need look no further back than the call center and solar farm. The city and county will tell you incentives and tax abatements are available to small businesses (like “mom and pop” and small brick-and-mortar storefronts) but in practicality and availability it’s just not so. The problem is that, even after former City Councilwoman Toni Herbert’s revisions in association with former City Manager Larry Groth, these “perks” are still tied to employment numbers and a certain minimum hourly wage that small businesses probably can’t meet.

I have discussed other options in the way of perks or modest incentives for small businesses with many civic leaders over the past 10 years. Perhaps free or reduced city water service and trash/recycling collection for a year or two (a no-brainer for the city), but the most I’ve heard back are “crickets.” It’s really time for the importance of true small businesses to be recognized.

J.L. Rader, Waco