Welcome to all

What a wonderful and thought-provoking column from Tribune-Herald guest columnist Vicki Kabat concerning the Christian Church, the overturn of the Defense of Marriage Act and gay marriage. I was very heartened and challenged by her words.

I was disheartened, however, by the letters of response the following week. I was troubled because although I’m very aware these views exist, I know they are hardly the only views. I know of churches here in town that aren’t only welcoming of gay people but are also affirming of all people and delight in the vast diversity of God’s creation.

The very good news is that if you are someone who desires a place of worship that welcomes all people (yes, kind of like Jesus did), including the LGBT community, there are now several in our area that would be glad to have you join with them.

Curtis Cannon, Waco

He has his crown

On July 12, I spent an hour with a friend and mentor, the Rev. Carl Buhl, pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church of Waco. He was a patient at Scott & White Memorial Hospital’s Continuing Care facility. He had been in the hospital for more than a month.

The reverend appeared on the road to recovery because he was having some physical therapy when I went to his room. He was his usual talkative self and we had an extraordinarily pleasant visit.

I didn’t realize it would be the last time I would see him. The Lord called him home early Sunday morning.

Rev. Buhl was a gifted preacher and gospel singer. He was a ranking member and officer of the Willow Grove Baptist District Association. Most of all he was a friend and a man God had laid hands on. I knew him for more than a decade and it was evident to me and his fellow clergymen that his steps were ordered by the Lord.

His ministry on this earth lasted more than 50 years, and I believe he has received a crown of righteousness.

Rev. Roscoe Harrison Jr, Temple

Big heart

Thank you, Waco Trib, for your July 5 story concerning Lance Berkman’s generous donation of a firetruck to the community of West. Not everyone knows that Lance grew up in Waco. He truly showed the size of his heart by what he did.

All too often, professional athletes get a bad rap as being money-hungry. That wasn’t the case this time. Berkman’s teammates as well as major league baseball followed suit.

A tip of the cap also goes to Central Texas Iron Works for a monetary donation that will be used for the purchase of a replacement firetruck.

Let’s remember those in need.

Dave Emley, Waco

Off too much

It sure seems to me the writer of “Get Fuzzy” is on vacation a lot. I suggest the strip be given a permanent vacation by replacing it with another. I rarely get any entertainment value from it. Is “Pearls Before Swine” available after September? Is “B.C.” still around? Thanks.

Mack Payne, Woodway