Gun debate

Winston Churchill once said: “Americans can be counted on to do the right thing — after they’ve exhausted all other possibilities.”

Today’s gun debate shows just how prophetic he was. Only in America would people come up with the idea that the solution to guns in schools is more guns in schools.

What a great concept: Set up a situation in which there are gun battles in the hallways of our schools between teachers with handguns and deranged shooters with AR-15s. Wonder how that will turn out.

William Bratton, the longtime NYC police chief, called this idea the “height of lunacy.” I call it “typical NRA idiocy.”

How long will it take for us to realize that so long as our elected political leaders dance to the NRA’s tune, we’re going to be burying our kids?

Miner Raymond, Waco


Know what all these mass school shooters have in common? They’re all known as “former classmates”! Why do they go back and shoot up their “former classmates”? Because they’re the ones who teased, tormented and bullied them all to hell.

Kids nowadays need to think about how their actions may have disastrous consequences and start taking accountability for allowing such behavior among their peers. Stop blaming President Trump, the NRA, Republicans and, most of all, guns. Take away guns and they’ll just build bombs instead because, you see, it’s really a people problem. I’d rather take my chances dodging bullets than a bomb.

David Hayslip, Waco


“The Wizard of Oz” reminds us to look behind the curtain to see the deception and find the truth. Wizard Trump says he wants to strengthen background checks. How can this be done when he has purged tens of thousands of law enforcement records from the background-check system? A person used to be a “fugitive from justice” if he or she had outstanding warrants. Trump changed that. Now you must have fled across state lines to be so classified. Unless you cross state lines to avoid prosecution, you can still legally buy a weapon of war.

Trump asked the Justice Department to change rules on bump stocks. Their answer: “Stocks of this type are not subject to the provisions of federal firearms statutes. Therefore, the ATF does not have the authority to restrict their lawful possession, use or transfer.” Simply put, only Congress can stop bump stocks.

Previously, the Social Security Administration was required to send records to the background-check system for people receiving benefits for mental illness. Trump and Congress killed this rule.

I live near a couple with a mentally ill son. A gun is in that house. Police have been called several times for fights. Are we waiting for another tragedy? The lives of our children are at stake.

Betty Barton, Belton