EDITOR’S NOTE: Bending far more than usual in the matter of hyperbole, we offer through this package of letters firm evidence of just how riled-up, angry, outraged and divided our nation has become in recent weeks and months. We’ve tried to alternate letters by political sentiment.

After you get through removing all of the historical old-white-guy statues, you can move on to all of their ideas and inventions created in the last 1,500 years. You can’t have all of that stuff clouding your utopian idea of life, now can you? The TVs, radios, phones, automobiles, appliances, light bulbs and even how this newspaper is printed will all have to be sacked. (However, you can nuke this issue after you finish reading it.) You don’t get a free pass if some other nationality assembled it. The idea of its being draconian to you means into the blender it goes.

Your currency has pictures of those white dudes staring at you. Too hard to cover those up, so you’ll have to burn that up too. In fact, create an all-new economic system because this one was mucked up by — dare I say — white guys. The educational system and government must go into the can also.

You can’t just stop at those inanimate pigeon-latrine statues. Those dudes have totally messed up your entire way of life. After burning up all the white dudes’ literature and architecture, if you have some free time on your hands, you can row (can’t take a plane — yup, goofy white guys’ idea again) over to Iraq to help ISIS destroy all of the other previous historical and cultural landmarks and systems.

Wiping the slate clean will be a good thing for all the oppression you suffer. And relay this to other like-minded people on Facebook. Whoops! A white dude invented Facebook!

It should be easy to come up with a brand new fair system for each of the culturally diverse groups. Notice I said “each.” That’s the way “they” want it. An entire group of all nationalities and religious groups working together is much too hard for “them” to control.

As for a new system and way of life, it’ll have to be based, of course, on your own racial and gender makeup.

You don’t have to start totally from scratch but you can’t use anything from those pesky white guys because that would be “cultural appropriation.” Good luck. You’ll need it.

Darrell Jones, Bellmead

* * *

“We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That’s what we believed in. That’s why we voted for Donald Trump.” These words from white supremacist and former KKK leader David Duke, uttered in Charlottesville, speak volumes about why President Trump failed over and over to call out these inhuman racists, haters and bigots by name. These neo-Nazis, white supremacists and KKK cretins do not and never will represent the values of America.

Our veterans fought against racism, hatred and genocide. Yet all throughout his 2016 campaign Trump summoned demons of hate, bigotry and intolerance. “Punch them in the face.” “Get him the hell out of here!” Referring to anti-Trump protesters, he promised to pay legal fees of supporters “who knock the crap out of them.” Trump could not bring himself to condemn the recent bombing of a mosque. Now he has once again failed to take action against the white nationalists, neo-Nazis and the KKK.

Trump began his run for the White House with his lying attacks on the U.S. citizenship of President Barack Obama, coincidentally our first black president. Now he offers dog whistles encouraging and covering up for neo-Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists. He refuses to use the term “domestic terrorism” when a young lady is run down by a motorist. Yet, within hours, the president condemns “Islamist terror” in Barcelona’s subsequent car rampage. Bigotry and intolerance are never the solutions to bring us together.

Mayin Ho, Killeen

* * *

It has been reported that the Six Flags amusement park will remove five of the six flags that have flown over the park for decades and will only fly the U.S. flag. Some people are offended because one of the six flags was the flag of the Confederacy. If that report is true, it seems a little odd to continue calling it “Six Flags” because everyone still knows that one of those flags was the Confederate flag, even if it isn’t flown anymore.

Calling it “One Flag” or “Flag Over Texas” just won’t fly, but there are alternatives that they might consider. They could take a page from Jerry Jones’ playbook and put the naming rights up for bid, just as Jerry did with the new Cowboys stadium. Because Toyota recently moved its headquarters to North Texas, “The Toyota Camry of Amusement Parks” is a mouthful but still has a nice ring to it.

Of course, the Six Flags brand is all over the country and in Mexico. They even have plans to build parks in Dubai and China. I wonder if they will try to explain the origin of the term “Six Flags” to the Emiratis or the Chinese.

David B. Anderson, Waco

* * *

A few years ago, I went to a local restaurant for lunch. It was overly crowded and I was lucky to find a seat near the entrance of the kitchen. As I took my seat, I could immediately hear a young male employee speaking harshly and in an undignified tone to someone in the kitchen. Both employees soon walked out into the dining area. The young man continued to degrade an older Mexican lady. Everyone sitting near the kitchen could hear the young man cursing and making sure the lady understood his opinion of her worthlessness.

My conscience would not allow me to remain silent. I went to the lady and asked if she was OK. The lady indicated she could not speak English. I took her by the hand and asked for the manager. I told the manager what the young man had done.

A few weeks later I went back to the restaurant for lunch. The lady remembered my defending her. She came to my table to thank me. She could speak English, it turned out, but was afraid to speak for herself at the time of the tongue-lashing.

Christians have the responsibility to stand against injustice. We must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Racial hate groups are bringing hate to our communities. There is a call for Christians to speak out against racism.

I attended a service of unity for an African-American church that was vandalized by white supremacists. Folks from white churches came out for prayer and to assist in cleaning up the church.

We are one in the body of Christ. During the civil rights movement, the white church remained silent in many instances. However, I have witnessed how an evil act against humanity can bring out the good in others. There are no words to express the value of white churches taking a stand against racism. We all have the responsibility of peace.

Charlotte Jones, Lorena

* * *

I have a question regarding the Trib headline: “Hate group denies link to Va. crash suspect.” The group Vanguard America said [20-year-old James Fields Jr.] was not a member of their group, a group of white people protesting the removal of a monument depicting a period of U.S. history. Seems reasonable to me, considering the protest started out peaceful as the Constitution allows. Then here come some anti-protesters and fights erupt.

Now think back to headlines when Black Lives Matter protests were held, complete with rioting, burning buildings, breaking windows, stealing and other crimes. People were injured. No one read a headline that began, “Hate group denies.” No, the headlines were that the police used force. I do not remember any anti-protesters starting a fight with them.

It seems to me that we need to let each group protest whatever that group wants, so long as they do so in full accordance with the law. It does not help the situation any to label one group a “hate group” and ignore another group that actually sparked confrontation.

Marvin Horton, Mart

* * *

Now I understand why Republican-voting right-wingers want to see Texas secede again. They are Russian followers and believe in all the freedoms that Mother Russia offers her own people. Now we know.

Right-wingers recently sought to hold a white nationalist rally at Texas A&M University, though campus officials canceled it out of concern for the mood of the nation. If these right-wingers had torn up part of the Aggie campus as they did Charlottesville, Virginia, I would have proposed leaving the campus rubble as a monument for what these people are and represent.

As Americans, these nuts have the right to speak out. But if they tear up places as they did Charlottesville, I say we have the right to imprison them for a few years.

Jim Denton, Gatesville

* * *

Anyone who drinks from the radical Democrat well becomes tribal, hateful and violent. Let the radical Democrats tear down the monuments that radical, violent Democrats put up in the first place. Maybe we should thank them for cleaning up their own mess.

The founding fathers of white supremacy were radical, violent Democrats. The very reason for the founding of the Republican Party was to withstand them.

Rick Ellis, Axtell

* * *

The violence and hatred going on in the country is insane. History is being destroyed because people who weren’t born 150-plus years ago are still living in that period in their minds today. Now I hear ESPN took a sports announcer away from a North Carolina football game because he has a so-called Confederate name.

Wow! Give me a break, please. What next, the First Amendment?

Jerry Woychesin, Bremond