Vote Lessman

It makes no sense to settle for good when better or best is in reach. The Republican race for McLennan County Precinct 1, Place 1 Justice of the Peace is a prime example of this philosophy. Dianne Hensley and her friends argue she has done a good job. So far as I can tell, this is true. But if I have better or best within reach, why wouldn’t I reach for it?

Judge Denny Lessman is running against Judge Hensley for the Republican nomination. Both have strong conservative Christian values. Both are pro-family and concerned about our children and schools. But Judge Lessman’s qualifications, education and career experience eclipse Hensley’s. The question one must ask: Am I willing to settle for good when I can have best?

I see Denny Lessman as the obvious choice.

Stuart Huey, Waco

Vote Hensley

Why change horses when the horse has won race after race? Justice of the Peace Dianne Hensley is certainly no horse, but she has a proven record and exceeds expectations in every aspect.

County residents have always expected their JPs to understand the law while practicing wisdom to rule in civil conflicts; have the dedication to carry out their duties efficiently, no matter when or where; have the people skills to provide good “customer service”; and have the work ethic to go above and beyond what is expected when collecting a county paycheck. In her role, Judge Hensley has:

  • Heard over 1,500 civil cases with only 11 appeals. She has never been reversed.
  • Displayed compassion while dealing with families in very distressing times in 500 death inquests.
  • Pushed truancy recidivism down 80 percent for families in her court, partly because she has personally bought the families alarm clocks to help the kids get to school. The children to whom she has given these have not returned to her court.
  • Worked with another JP to found a forensic lab that saves $300-$400 on every mandatory autopsy with an average savings to taxpayers of $50,000-$60,000 per year.

Judge Hensley is on the job full-time and engaged in the mission of the court.

Gary Gilman, Woodway

Evangelicalism reborn

I was disappointed in the judgmental tone of the Rev. Jimmy Dorrell’s recent column, “Evangelicalism Reborn.” His disparaging remarks about evangelicals and our president show an arrogance that is far from Christian.

While I feel that religions should continue to evolve so that the needs of all people can be met, noting only the negatives and failing to note the positives of a specific group or individual does not promote his own cause — in this case, the recent Mission Waco anniversary banquet with its evangelical speaker and religious scholar, Soong-Chan Rah.

We are all sinners, including evangelicals and the president. I am thankful that Jesus is there for all of us.

Joanne Jaster, Waco