Debating gun violence

I concur with your Sunday editorial that we need to address the challenges of gun violence. Yet so long as there is a 60-vote rule in the Senate, Congress is controlled by no one. I think there are simple changes in approach that might garner support.

Few would support the idea of taking away everyone’s children when some abuse or neglect them. We have laws that require doctors, teachers and other licensed persons to report suspicion and shield anyone from civil or criminal prosecution if they report in good faith. We have a central state report registry and regional personnel who investigate such claims. If a problem is found, the persons are brought before a judge who can restrict parents or remove the kids. Why not something similar for guns?

Current federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) law could fine a doctor $100,000 per event for reporting a homicidal person to the law. Why not exempt this type of report and provide a law that shields anyone who reports this in good faith? Why not just end the “gun-free zone” which is really where more than 90 percent of these events occur?

I am saddened by a feeling that both sides will use this crisis to raise funds or score political gains.

James W. Ferguson, MD, Waco


You Second Amendment haters need to do a little reading before trying to trash an organization almost entirely made up of single individuals’ donations. Unions spent $1.73 billion for campaigns and lobbying in 2016. The NRA has spent only $11 million in 20 years during the same time.

What you should do if you’re trying to stop mass gun shootings is deny access to guns for first- and second-generation immigrants who have come here in the last 20 years. This would cut the number of incidents in half. Next, go after all far left-wing liberals with guns. Bingo. You then would cut the number of incidents to almost zero.

No member of the NRA has ever been involved in a mass-shooting incident. I would rather have an NRA member with an LTC by my side (I’m not a member) in an extreme circumstance than any of those left-wing nut-jobs trying to disarm the American people.

The mainstream media as well as this newspaper have an agenda. They want to politicize an incident while it’s still fresh on the minds of the people. How long did they stay on the topic of the gay bar shooting in Florida by a second-generation immigrant? It wasn’t in their self interest to hammer that during the Obama administration.

Darrell Jones, Bellmead

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just for the record, the NRA between 1998 and 2017 spent in candidate and party contributions, independent expenditures and lobbying $203.2 million. Also, the NRA actually supports the two gun-control measures advocated Sunday by the Trib — the Fix NICS Act and a bump-stock ban.