Christmas for parrots

On occasion of the Dec. 17 column by David Gallagher and David Schleicher:

A few days before Christmas, at the old Baylor Club,

Two Davids conspired to give Trump a snub.

Their wordings were strung with the greatest of care,

To ridicule Trump, and lay feelings bare.

Trib readers were nestled all snug in their beds,

With hope the media wouldn’t lose their heads.

With a cup of coffee, and the Trib in my lap,

I thought ’twould be easy, the reading a snap,

But reading their piece, my hopes did shatter,

Cuz I’ve had enough of their snarky natter.

Away to my P.C. I flew like a flash,

With visions of two Davids I needed to bash.

I’m sure both their egos are surely aglow,

As the sarcasm and nastiness continue to grow.

They both seem to think their words do appear

To be brilliantly crafted as Trump they do smear.

Those words from wit they consider so quick

Are so far off the mark, it just makes me sick.

More rapid than eagles my words they came,

And I soon felt that I had entered the game.

Each David considers himself a real wit,

But a .500 average does appropriately fit.

Next column printed from the Davids two,

I have decided exactly what I will do.

Rather than ranting and venting my rage,

The paper’s lining my parrot’s cage.

Considering the season, this comment I’ll yell —

“Merry Christmas to all, even the Davids as well!”

Lester Beaird, Waco

A Christmas Poem

Christmas in America is where I’m thankful to be.

Our beautiful land of the brave and the free.

Freedom to worship and freedom to pray.

Giving thanks to our Savior each and every day.

The greatest gift of all is not under our tree of pretty lights.

It’s the gift of Jesus that came one night.

It’s a wonderful gift from Heaven above.

Given to a sinful world because of God’s perfect love.

A love that is so great and a love that’s so grand.

God would send his only Begotten Son to this land.

This gift came with a promise that no one can steal.

Believe on the One I sent and you will be healed.

I pray this Christmas as the light of this world seems to grow dim.

Remember the promise of salvation that comes only from Him.

Have patience, believers, as you look toward the sky.

Our Savior will come back in the “twinkling” of an eye.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I say with great joy.

Thank you, God in Heaven above, for sending us your little Baby Boy.

Raymond Carey, Waco

Christmas lights

Each light that shines during the Christmas season reminds the world of the wonderful truth: Jesus is the light of the world. I believe this truth.

Harold Dodson, Waco