On the right course

Thursday’s editorial [“Baylor regents must do better than simply posting minutes, agendas”] is at odds with the facts — and with news coverage in the Tribune-Herald itself.

Wednesday’s Trib featured a prominent front-page article based on an interview with me discussing a range of initiatives the Baylor University Board of Regents is considering to enhance open communication and accountability. Although the commitment to post the board’s minutes and agendas was featured in the headline, the article went on to clearly report that a number of substantive changes were planned. As that article detailed, the board is considering a number of additional measures, including creating a new website that will provide access to governing documents, committee assignments and regent profiles.

Your editorial, however, also ignores what the board has done already. For the first time, regents have talked openly about the depth of the sexual-assault problems underlying the “findings of fact” document produced by the board following the Pepper Hamilton review.

Also, at the request of the board, the university has created a web page dedicated to keeping the Baylor family and public informed about important issues [www.Baylor.edu/thefacts]. That page includes updates from President David Garland and others along with responses to media inquiries, fact checks, general questions and answers and links to pertinent news stories. It also features an Oct. 4 memo on board governance that details four major changes, including the dissolution of the board’s Athletic Committee — a significant step to ensure all areas of the university are aligned.

We believe these substantial changes are creating institutional momentum toward greater communication, accountability and progress.

Ron Murff, Chair, Baylor University Board of Regents, Dallas

Vote, don’t riot

I just finished reading letters and articles about Donald Trump’s win. Wow! I had to check to see who he defeated. No, it wasn’t Mother Teresa, it was Hillary Clinton. She is the one who thinks lying is a flavor of icing on her cake and scandals are what you light and put on top of the icing. And the column written by local resident Ray Lanford was so far out in left field that he couldn’t see the batter because the left fielder blocked his vision. I wonder if he is one of the teachers who has mats and little teddy bears for his students to use when they can’t cope with problems of the day. I wonder how many of his past students are still looking for employment.

I would rather have had two other candidates run but it was what it was.

Read Hillary’s concession speech. It was a class act. Give your new president a chance and if he fails we have another election in the future. Vote, don’t riot.

William Bregan, Crawford