Baylor in the news

Baylor University regents very obviously want a university-controlled alumni organization. The Baylor Alumni Association has voted “no” to every attempt by regents to consolidate. Over the past decade, regents have:

Created the Baylor Alumni Network, Baylor Magazine.

Eliminated BAA financial support.

Confiscated the BAA proprietary database.

Deleted web links and a toll-free number without notice.

Denied university support for traditional awards and activities.

Banned the BAA from campus facilities.

Banned the BAA from graduation and homecoming.

Refused names and addresses of graduating seniors.

And demolished the $2.2 million alumni center this summer.

The fiduciary duty of a regent or director is to act on behalf of its membership for the betterment of the institution. The president and president-elect of the BAA should resign effective immediately.

BAA directors failed to represent alumni fairly by not changing bylaws for multiple ways to vote and for allowing regents to demolish the alumni center. Some 15,500 of 17,000 BAA membership did not vote on the latest agreement because they could not come to Waco. Additional dates or scheduling for homecoming were possible.

With debt of $600 million and the futures of Baylor and the BAA at stake, regents and directors proved they weren’t trustworthy by marginalizing the BAA, bridling The Baylor Line and demolishing the center. Why are regents so determined to control the message, prevent transparency and squelch shared governance?

Sheryn R. Jones, ’69, lifetime member BAA

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Regarding the alumni situation at Baylor University: Baylor is a private institution that has a right to operate as it sees fit without the influence of former students if it so desires. If certain former students are not satisfied with how Baylor is operating, I suggest they look at the university in their rearview mirror and take their support and money and simply find another institution to support.

Greg Fariss, Salado

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On Saturday, just before the football game between Baylor and Buffalo was over, my sister and I decided we would leave Floyd Casey Stadium and walk to our car.

The state troopers had helped us earlier to cross South Valley Mills Drive, but because the game was not quite over, they were not there yet to assist us. As we attempted to get a crossing light to work so we could cross Valley Mills Drive, three lovely Baylor girls called out to us. They let us get in their car and drove us across the busy street. We failed to get their names, but we wish to thank them so much for their kindness and help. We had a wonderful time at the game, and their thoughtfulness made our day even better!

We wish these three angels a wonderful year at Baylor. Go, Bears!

Priscilla Sparkman, China Spring