Just venting

God must be so proud of Waco for its no-kill animal shelter. [“Animal shelter seen as ‘shining example’ 5 years after city takeover,” Feb. 2] Think how proud God would be if Waco had a no-kill Planned Parenthood shelter. The Lord loves animals but surely he loves little babies more.

When I was growing up, we all had guns and none of us shot anyone. Back then abortion was illegal and, as the years have passed, society has become so much more liberal. I wonder if young people today who see babies being aborted have a different feeling about life than we did. Seems we are called “old-fashioned” and that we — my generation — need to adjust to modern beliefs. I wish that children once again could feel safe and feel that they could trust adults.

Oh, and another thing: I turned out to be a really girly girl, but when I was very young I would have given anything to be a boy so that I could do the things my male cousin could do. I could ride with him when the cattle were brought in for branding, vaccinations and cutting. But when the cutting was done I was sent inside.

I wonder if in today’s permissive society my parents would have been urged to give me hormones because I wanted to be a male. It was just a passing phase in my life. How thankful I am that this option was not available then.

Oh, and I didn’t intend to run on and on, but the decline in our society concerns me. Of course, I am pleased that women have many more career choices. At my age [83], I probably won’t have to concern myself with it many more years. It just seems a shame that children can no longer enjoy the simple things of life and that parents must worry every time their children are out of their sight.

Guess I just wanted to vent out of frustration.

Have a wonderful day.

Mary Tanner, Waco

Peace will reign

This is a dicey time for Democratic media spokesmen with year-long collusion charges coming apart. Granted, whatever they say will be fawned upon and gilded by the media, but nevertheless I have a few suggestions. Since the humble but unpredictable donkey is their mascot, the midterm slogan should be: “Get off your asses and vote!” Talking points should continue to be adopted by all candidates. Memorization and choral speaking of those points, as usual, will be evaluated at upcoming nationwide pep rallies, soon to be scheduled.

Main point for voters: Do you want another year of accusations, name-calling, threats of impeachment, general turmoil and constant accompanying media attacks on the president, his family, the Cabinet and the administration at large? Certainly they do not. Count on them to get off their asses and vote when they realize we have only just begun to disrupt and unseat any non-progressive. Peace will reign when good campaigns bring them to their senses.

Juanita Case, Hewitt