No amnesty, Mr. Flores

My sentiments are directed to Congressman Bill Flores, the subject of a Trib Q&A in last Sunday’s paper, which I was very happy to see:

You were elected to this position to represent the citizens and taxpayers of your district, not to represent the illegal aliens in this country. One of your statements was: “ I do not want to deport anyone but criminals and drug dealers and those trying to abuse our domestic programs.”

May I remind you sir that anyone in this country illegally is a criminal.

You were asked about the “Dreamers,” those who came to this country through no willingness one way or the other on their own. Your answer was that “it would be better for Congress to pass a path to citizenship for Dreamers.”

This is just a fancy name for amnesty, rewarding those who have broken the law for a long time. Why would we want more citizens who care not for our “rule of law” and break the law every day they are here?

When asked about other immigrants, your answer referring to how “we have this large, underground of 11 million people.” My question to you: Why? It would seem to show that Congress has not followed up and insisted that these illegals be deported long ago and that the companies illegally hiring them should be heavily fined or closed because they are hiring “under the table” which means they are not collecting income taxes, Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes from them nor or they paying the matching taxes. Take all the able-bodied off welfare and see how fast they will take the jobs you say are unfilled.

Another question asked about legalization for the 11 million? You answered: “Let’s get them here where they can buy a home, work, get a driver’s license, pay taxes, and send their kids to school with no fear of deportation.” Sir, this is just another invitation for more illegals to flood across the border as they are not punished for breaking our laws and pay no taxes but are rewarded with amnesty, whether you call it this or not.

When asked about the Affordable Care Act: Your answer: “We’re going to have to have subsidies for low-income Americans.” This proves that this act is not about insurance but is just another welfare program which will have to be paid by the taxpayers no matter what cute name you use.

President Trump was correct when he claimed during his campaign that illegal aliens were costing the taxpayers billions of dollars in education costs, medical costs, crime along with trials and incarceration for the crimes and especially loss of revenue for unpaid income taxes, Social security taxes and Medicare taxes. Also should be mentioned, illegal voting in our elections.

Peggy Hill, West

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just in fairness to the congressman, he outlined his immigration ideas in detail before a fairly conservative crowd at a town-hall meeting at Texas State Technical College in August with no objections from the crowd.