Save the Dreamers

I have written this letter to our Texas senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. I hope that they will hear the words of this Texan:

Dear Senators, Please protect the Dreamers! Now that President Trump has ended DACA, which I consider an immoral decision, I hope that you will support these young people. As you know, many of the Dreamers were brought to the United States as babies/small children. Many know nothing but the United States. Many cannot speak Spanish. They are valedictorians of our high schools, leaders and college students. What sense is there in sending this group to Mexico? The only motivation to do so is racism, pure and simple.

What has happened to compassion, to American values, to the Christian faith many of us profess? I hope that you will not pander to the far right. I plead with you to care about these young adults — business owners, medical professionals, teachers, soldiers and other hard workers. This is not only a moral issue; it is also an economic issue. According to Texas economist Ray Perryman, these young people are an asset to the U.S. and Texas economy. They pay taxes; they invest in the community; they are Waco’s valued employees. Please be willing to work with your peers across the aisle. Working through compromise toward a compassionate bill is not a mark of weakness.

Louise Powell, Woodway

Huh? Say what?

It was a little disappointing watching the Baylor Bears’ green team get beat at its season-opener but that wasn’t the worst thing that happened at McLane Stadium. My ears are ringing! That place is just too loud. Consider OSHA’s published standards for when hearing protection should be used to prevent permanent hearing loss in a workplace.

90 dB: Environments that have consistent noise below 90dB do not have to provide hearing protection unless an employee will be exposed for eight or more hours.

97dB: At 97dB someone can be exposed to the sound for up to three hours without hearing protection.

100dB: Safe for about two hours, according to OSHA.

102dB: Someone should get protection if they will be exposed for more than 1.5 hours.

105db: People in this environment for one hour need hearing protection.

110dB: It is only safe to be around 110dB for 30 minutes or less before hearing protection is needed.

115dB: Noise at this volume is only safe for up to 15 minutes without protection.

I sat at the 50-yard line and, according to my cell phone app, the PA system was constantly above 115db, peaking at over 120db. Heck, lawnmowers are limited to 90db, chainsaws 100 and hearing protection is recommended. I did see a baby with earmuffs and praise the parents for a good job in parenting. Baylor, turn it down so we all won’t need it so loud to hear!

Ken Luikart, Waco