A sitting president urged the firing of a private citizen in language so vulgar that it demeaned the office he holds. This is yet another ethical line that we should not let him cross without protest. Whatever you think of how professional football players are choosing to conduct their protest, the idea that a government official would suggest that their employers should fire them is unconscionable in a democracy. It gets worse.

Second Amendment advocates who regularly stress the need to enforce existing gun laws rather than forging new laws should welcome Republican Sen. John Cornyn’s Fix NICS Act, which proposes to do just that. Crafted in the wake of the Nov. 5 Sutherland Springs massacre that claimed the lives of 26 people, coldly struck down as they worshipped in church, this bill would bolster efforts to see federal and state authorities comply with existing laws and accurately report criminal history records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).