Judging from Facebook posts we’ve received regarding the local couple whose Hillary Clinton signs were vandalized and sidewalk was defaced with anti-Hillary commentary, two truths dominate: First, vandalizing someone’s property because of his or her political expression is deplorable. Second, some people deserve it if they support the wrong candidate. Oh, well. A sampling:

Jamie Storemski Knox: That’s so sad. Voting is supposed to be a great honor. No one, no matter who they are voting for, should feel threatened or worry about showing their support to the person they are voting for.

Rhonda Worley-Parsley: My son had worse done in a previous election when he put a bumper sticker on his car. Sad. This is the reason we did not put out any signs or stickers this year, but you can bet we will be voting.

Stephanie Krumnow: Anyone who thinks killing babies is OK is the devil themselves (sic). But yet, let’s let child molesters go free. This is what is wrong with this country. Kill the innocent, pamper the evil.

Pam Colon: I know a young man whose car has been vandalized five times because of his Trump sticker, so just come down off of your high horses. The vandals in either situation are just wrong!

Pete Dancause: These vandalism acts are nothing but a media slander campaign committed by fanatical Clinton supporters. Why can’t anyone understand this?

Rebekah Stille Hughes: If anyone organizes a community clean-up for this couple, please let me know so I can help. #lovetrumpshate.

Randall Gerik: I didn’t put out any Hillary signs because I don’t want people thinking I’m an idiot. It’s a shame because I figure Trump supporters generally have more class. I would personally never lower myself to the trash liberals and Democrats pull on a regular basis. Seriously, if you support Trump, then don’t lower yourself to this kind of crap.

JoAnn Brown Stringer: I have a sign and a bumper sticker supporting Hillary. I will not be intimidated.

Dana Stem: Being Hillary supporters, I question whether they did it themselves for publicity or some other corrupt motive. Just saying!

Chris Gore: Trump thugs? Hillary thugs live on the other side of the tracks. What a wonderful world we live in. Feel free to purge each other. I’ll get my popcorn.

Wanda Enid: Respect, tolerance, freedom, kindness.

Bill Caldwell: Doesn’t seem to be any of that anymore.

Rick Willis: It’s a damn shame that the militants get their way.

Christina Conner Peterson: Do people who get their Trump signs vandalized get this kind of publicity? I haven’t advertised a candidate on my car since the Bush/Clinton election [in 1992] because of the rabid liberals.

April Morgan Johnson: I’ll be so glad when this campaign season is over. It’s been brutal. It doesn’t matter who wins because it’s “We the People” who lose.