The Trib story on Chip and Joanna Gaines discussing future contracts that might place limits on clients flipping family homes the couple renovate on HGTV’s popular “Fixer Upper” into high-dollar vacation rentals triggered plenty of debate on our Facebook page:

Kelly S. Jordan: Maybe you can explain this to me. If people own their homes and decide to rent them out, what business is it of the Gaineses?

Michael Buck: The goal is to get someone a nice house who needs it for a good price. They probably wouldn’t have someone on the show who doesn’t really need it and is buying a second home because the Gaineses are good people trying to help those in need. I don’t think they’re saying [flipping homes] is wrong but that their goal isn’t to get someone a vacation home to rent out.

B.C. Malinowski: Their goal was to fix up a decaying property for the owners and make a profit and entertain the public at the same time. The owner has the final say on what he/she does with the property. I don’t see how the Gaineses have the right to place a financial hold on the owners by adding something to the contract that takes away decision-making from the owners.

Laura Hastings: They [the owners of “Fixer Upper” vacation rentals] are ruining the rental market for regular folks.

Lorna Drain Wade: If the people who buy these houses want to rent them out for any reason, it is their property. Chip and Joanna have made their money on remodeling, so I don’t see how they would be able to put that in a contract.

Melissa Coffman: It’s the fact they’re using Joanna’s name and the “Fixer Upper” name for their own monetary gain. At the end of the day, Joanna and Chip have created a huge business and have every right to protect that business and their name and brand.

Tiffani White: The Trib article said they were worried about maintaining the integrity of the show and why they were doing the renovations in the first place.

Tom Wallen: The point of the show is to help people move into their “dream home” and move up in terms of what they could normally afford. Doing it so people can just rent the houses out and profit from it kind of defeats that purpose.

Danielle Sabarese: They’ve made a lot of money off the show. Now they’re annoyed that others are doing the same?

Angela Shepard: Joanna and her husband make their money. A lot, I’m sure! The owners of the rental property aren’t hiding the fact it was on “Fixer Upper.” If anything, it is more like a huge advertising market for the “Fixer Upper” crew.

Irene Goodman: The issue is people using the show as a marketing tool. The homeowners do not have the right to do that unless they get permission from the show. Also, it’s kind of shady to say, “Oh, we are looking for a family home,” then all of a sudden decide to rent it out. If that’s what they’re doing, it’s complete deception. Also, the Gaineses live in Waco, so I feel that part of it is their wanting to keep the city authentic.

Joe Talbot: This is like Chrysler suing a car buyer for having sex in the backseat.