This week U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz went on Facebook to praise President-elect Trump’s appointment of fellow Texans Rex Tillerson, chairman and chief executive officer of Exxon Mobil Corporation, as secretary of state and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as secretary of energy. Reactions raced in:

Gary Hackworth: Just one more reason why Ted Cruz is one of the best senators the Great State of Texas ever had. Keep up the excellent work and great vision for the future of our country.

Roy Sanderfer: I would tend to disagree. I distinctly remember when Rick Perry tried to shove a highway down Texans’ throats, taking land by rule of eminent domain. I’ve actually gotten to talk with Rick because I used to work in the mansion. I like the man, but I believe he’s as crooked as the day is long when it comes to politics.

Darrell Cooper: Perry also was the very first one to sprint to a microphone to denounce Trump and pander to Hispanics and illegal aliens. Americans quickly showed him what we thought of that garbage and he was the first one out of the race. He is a lousy excuse for a conservative, and I would not have hired him.

Scott Kelly: Get over it, Pooper. We are moving on.

Darrell Cooper: I am happy to move on, but let’s do it with quality conservatives, not career Hispanderers. I know Perry very well, as I am a lifelong Texan.

Daniel T. Moore: Even though back in 2011 he wanted to get rid of the energy department? Of course, he didn’t actually say so because he didn’t remember the department’s name. . . . Oops.

Andy Weddington: Question: Will Perry’s focus be to do away with the department he once campaigned to terminate — while putting himself out of a job?

Wallace Fletcher: The thing you have to understand is Trump is putting together teams that will put together teams that will put together teams that will get down to the nitty-gritty of whatever business they’re involved in to make America great again!

Joshua Connelly: Rick should eliminate the department like he wanted to do when he ran for president in 2012.

Angelee Sailer Anderson: Must disagree, Mr. Cruz, on Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. He contributed heavily to Planned Parenthood as CEO and is generally left on social issues. In some cabinet positions this might not be a problem, but I do think it is one in the secretary of state post.

Jared Boesch: Why do you have a problem with being left on social issues? Try freedom: It works.

Vitor Marques: All corporations contribute to Planned Parenthood because of political pressure or expediency. I don’t have a problem with him. After all, he is much better than the last two secretaries, a liar and, in my book, a traitor.

Kathleen Harrison: Going to disagree with you on this one, Sen. Cruz. He is a pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, pro-climate change leftist, and I thought you stood against all those things. Very disappointing.