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Federal appeals court judge Merrick Garland walks out with President Barack Obama as he is introduced as Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court during an announcement in the Rose Garden of the White House on Wednesday.

Associated Press— Pablo Martinez Monsivais

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican and second in command of the Senate, has joined Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in vowing to block any nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court submitted by the president, insisting the pick should be left to the next president. His Facebook page exploded with comments. To his credit, the senator got involved in the polite but very direct give-and-take. A lively sampling:

Nancy Matzdorff Smith: Texans, and Americans, deserve to have a say. President Obama was elected twice by the American people. He has done his job by nominating a candidate. Now you and the rest of the senators need to do the job you were elected to do and carefully consider his candidate.

John Cornyn: In 2014, voters also weighed in to give Republicans the majority in the Senate to serve as a check on the Obama administration.

Nancy Matzdorff Smith: And that’s why you consider every nominee the president suggests. You don’t flat-out refuse to even consider him.

Phil F. Wier: Yes, John Cornyn, you can say that. The American people did give the GOP the majority. They also expect that majority to work with the president to make this a better nation. Both sides were chosen by the American people to do a job. They need to get to work and do it.

Karl Kielich: Sen. Cornyn, I agree that the Senate serves as a check on the president’s administration, but that check is served by having the confirmation hearing, committee vote and ultimately Senate vote for confirmation. With all due respect, sitting idle on this just adds to the disdain citizens have with how Congress operates. I would much rather see the process move forward and the nominee be rejected than for the Senate to refuse to take action. Ten months is too long to wait on this.

Stephen Foote: Senator, right now you are not serving as a check; you are serving as an obstruction to the process. Serve as a check by giving the nominee a hearing and then an up-or-down vote.

Rick Rjr: Give this nominee as fair a hearing as Robert Bork received.

Ron Perez: I’ve already sent an email to you, senator. The Senate has every right to vote yes or no on a nominee but to flat-out reject a nominee is harmful to our nation.

Diane Legg Pretzer: Never approve this until after Jan 17, 2017. A good judge can wait.

Matthew Lamb: I will take the wisdom of John Cornyn and the Senate majority over Obama and his decision.

Leonard Wood: They have every right to flat-out reject him. And they should. This guy will help the liberals shred the Constitution once and for all.

Lauren Jackson: John Cornyn, a “check” does not mean to completely negate everything Obama tries to accomplish. It means the citizens of this country want its elected officials to work together to represent the broad swath of beliefs, to find a middle ground and compromise. You have just admitted that “the people” have had their say already, twice. Do your job.

Wanda S. Mullen: This action by you and others in the GOP leadership is of gross disrespect to the president of the United States (what’s new there?) and therefore the United States Constitution. He is still president and is authorized to make this appointment. That the GOP has to resort to these measures is reprehensible. It is also a huge gamble in its lack of pragmatism. The 2016 general election has 24 GOP senatorial seats up for re-election. You had better hope that the voters’ focus is only going to be on the election of the next POTUS and not on those Senate seats, because if it is not, your problems might get worse. Have the hearing and seat Justice Garland in a timely manner. Or wait for a Democrat POTUS and get a justice who will be so liberal your tails will spin. Make that two liberal justices if a Democrat POTUS is elected. If Justice Breyer retires within the next four years it ain’t going to be nothin’ nice for the GOP. Get it done with Justice Garland and hope for the best for your party. He is a moderate. At the very best, you will have a swing vote.

Michael Massey: You wonder how the GOP got stuck with Trump, yet you continue to use the same tactics. Straight, blind opposition. The business of governing and the benefit of the country take a back seat to pandering to your lowest demographic.

Art Spanjer: And the so-called “establishment” wonders why the electorate is so agitated. You obstructed waiting for Mitt to win and have been obstructing ever since. You will politically reap what you sow.

Jan Breaux: Apply the Biden rule. What was good for the Dems then should be good for the country now. The Supreme Court has had as few as six justices.

Steve Scott: Texans and the American people had a say when they voted for president. They voted for the guy they wanted to pick the person to fill any Supreme Court opening that came up while he was in office. I won’t answer your poorly worded poll question. [“Do you agree that Texans and the American people deserve a say in the selection of the next lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court?”] For the record, I didn’t vote for Obama, but because of stuff like this I no longer will vote for John Cornyn either. I’ll vote for people who respect the Constitution.

Melody Kite: Your fellow Texans helped give the Senate a majority for reasons like this. This should not even be a question to those who voted for you. The last thing we need is one more person from the left on the court. I ask you to keep your promise and to protect and defend my freedom. No new justices.