Ten months after telling voters that Republican presidential rival Donald Trump was a “cancer on conservatism” that “must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded,” twice-failed presidential candidate Rick Perry endorsed Trump as the GOP nominee and even signalled his willingness to serve as vice president. A sampling of reactions on the former Texas governor’s Facebook page:

Kirk Bonnett: You should approach Trump for a position in his administration. I would really like to see you involved in the coming administration.

Rebeca Jurado: I can’t believe you endorsed Donald Trump. I thought you were one of the real Christian conservatives. Officially not a fan and very disappointed.

Imre Beke: Gov. Perry, I admire and respect you as much as I have any public official since Ronald Reagan. I supported you for president. Please do not devalue yourself by supporting the liar and fraud who has stolen the GOP nomination for president. The fact that he is the presumptive Republican nominee does not change who Donald Trump is. The man has no character, no sense of honor, no principles, no values. He is a Democrat masquerading as a conservative. Judge him by the man he is, not by whether or not he has won the nomination.

Danny J. Tortorello III: He already said he supports him. Perry has no self-respect!

Imre Beke: I know what he said. I am imploring the governor to rethink his position. Donald Trump is too dangerous to support.

Steve Elshoff: After your initial speech denouncing Trump, I completely re-evaluated my beliefs about who you were and what you stood for. It stood as the best, bravest and most honestly insightful denunciation of Trump and Trumpism that any political figure delivered. It took guts and I respected you for it. Trump is indeed a cancer on the party and on our democratic way of life. He is a stain on the soul of the republic. You had it right and you paid the price. And for what? Shame, Rick Perry.

Belinda Huskey: I sent money to your campaign for president. Then you decide life is easier enjoying your retirement. I would agree but now. . . you do this to me. You know Trump is going to be an embarrassment as our president. He’s going to make Americans ashamed of being American. I have voted Republican since the 1970s. I voted for Republicans like Reagan, the Bushes, Ted Cruz and you. I have defended all of you with every breath I took. Well, thanks to Republicans like DT, I’m leaving the party. Have fun with Trump. He’s all yours!

Barbara Brewer: Have you completely lost your mind? Perhaps your moral compass has broken. Perhaps you should go back and listen to your own speeches. I’m saddened to see another Conservative Christian kissing Trump’s boots.

Joleen Galloway: If the GOP wants to win and keep Crooked Hillary out of the White House, you gotta back the frontrunner! I know it was not easy for you to do, but you gained back some respect from me for that!

David Ortiz: I’m a TRUE conservative who supported you as governor. But now I’m hearing you endorsed Donald Trump. If so, you are a fraud and a complete sellout.