Veteran Trib staff writer J.B. Smith’s story about President Trump’s preliminary budget revealed millions of dollars in lost revenue for local government and nonprofit agencies. Among the hardest hit: programs for low-income housing, homeownership efforts, assistance for seniors and low-income families, school-teacher training and public radio. Comments were lively, complete with the usual discussions on how certain taxation is just socialism:

Brett Buechel: Let’s be real. The stuff being cut probably should’ve been cut a long time ago and is a waste of money.

Christina Conner Peterson: Totally agree. Our government has been wasting money for a very long time!

Pam Colon: You’re right. Should have never been started. We are not a socialist country!

Justin James Gleason: Yeah, who needs socialist programs? We would get along fine without police forces, fire departments, water departments, sanitation departments and a standing military. I mean, what have those programs ever provided?

Donna Forsyth: You people need to read the article: “Small towns in McLennan County and five nearby rural counties have received $11 million in CDBG [Community Development Block Grants] funds in the past four years, according to the Heart of Texas Council of Governments. Most of that money goes to water and sewer improvements.” Yeah, a real waste of money there!

Brett Buechel: I read it and it listed other stuff besides that. The question is if the money was used properly and if it actually improved anything.

John May: There are some who would really benefit from these local programs and who need clean water.

James Carmack: I would be more accepting of cuts if they weren’t being made to increase our already bloated defense budget.

Brett Buechel: Are you paying attention? We have a country threatening to nuke us! Major countries across the world are strengthening their militaries for a reason.

James Carmack: The country that can’t get a ballistic missile a few miles over the ocean? We spend more than seven countries behind us combined. You have the wool pulled over your eyes if you think defense spending will do anything but line the pockets of the already rich.

Art Mora: Maybe local towns and cities should better manage their money and not expect the federal government to always help.

Michelle Moten Thompson: Looks like Waco needs to tighten their belts as well and cut out any waste.

Pete Dancause: Either you tighten the belt and squeeze out a few non-essential programs or continue overspending. I’m sure no one will go cold or hungry. A little creative restructuring of these nonprofits is probably long overdue anyway. This town should have learned its lesson already about wasting millions on a football stadium, just to have its football team implode two years later.