A crowd protesting the Aug. 1 police shooting of Kerry Bradley shut down the Aug. 15 Waco City Council meeting, shouting, “No justice, no peace,” and clapping to represent shots fired at Bradley. One of the crowd carried a baseball bat. The group of 30, including Bradley’s family and social justice groups from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, attended the meeting carrying signs, chanting and demanding the council remove the police department from investigating Bradley’s death.

The crowd accused police of shooting Bradley before he struck SWAT Officer William Graeber with a GMC Yukon and of lying to make it appear Bradley hit the officer first. Bradley, a drug suspect, died of gunshot wounds, while Graeber suffered broken ribs, pelvis and collarbone, a collapsed lung, burns and a concussion. Texas Rangers are investigating the incident jointly with Waco police. Some observations to the Trib story about the outburst:

Clark Keller: Screw these people. Arrest them next time.

Robert C. Duncan: Do it. Release [body cam] footage. Give them piece of mind so we can put this to rest. Remember there’s an officer’s family grieving, too.

Chris Gore: Until these people protest the Twin Peaks shootings, they are only racists to me.

Kacy Williams: Who gave you the authority to speak for Waco? Missed that memo.

Kurt Krakowian: Wish they would have taken this energy when the ex-con/drug dealer was alive to turn his life around. Matthew 26:52: “He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.”

Colin Gunn: Have they no right to protest a family member’s death and to question the police narrative?

Kurt Krakowian: Colin Gunn, bring a BASEBALL BAT to a city council meeting? Please, they just want attention. If he was just a great guy and you all were such a great family, why did you all not try to help him not get in trouble with the law for selling drugs. He attempted to run over a police officer. He’s been in prison twice and a number of times in jail. He’s no choirboy!

Roy Dunn: What’s that one guy carrying a baseball bat for?

Trisha Dunn: I guess they hold periodic baseball games in there.

Desiree Stone: Why don’t we quit giving everyone, the Bradley family and the police department both, media attention on this. It just adds fuel to the fire. Let the Texas Rangers complete their investigation and then, if they don’t agree with the outcome, by all means make your opinion known to the correct people — but not at a Waco City Council meeting before any findings have been made.

Huntington Henry: Arrest that guy with the bat. Bullying at its best. Can’t they let this play out with Department of Public Safety and the Rangers and, if it comes to it, the Department of Justice?

Roderic McCreary: Arrest him for what? Being black with a bat?