Saturday’s Trib story about a sworn statement by veteran prosecutor Greg Davis testifying that District Attorney Abel Reyna dismissed criminal cases for his friends and major campaign donors for political and personal gain and reportedly remains under federal investigation sparked plenty of comments from readers. The affidavit also alludes to Reyna’s alleged drug use and refers to information provided by a confidential informant about a sports bar Reyna reportedly frequents.

Jonny Glue: Maybe it’s time to drug test the district attorney’s office. Those clowns had to have been high to think spending three weeks in court trying to convict a man of a criminal conspiracy was a good idea (along with $400K in extra security). Not to mention the 154 [Twin Peaks] court cases that are to follow. Time to cut your losses, McLennan County.

Tish Hooper Smith: Welcome to Waco, the wonderful world of politics, cliques and the “You gotta know someone” game.

David Schulz: He seems to think he’s a bad---. Wrong way to approach matters. So how much is the bill for the biker trials so far, Abel Reyna? And you said “I won’t give up!” You pay for it! Since you seem to have a ‘case.’

Darren Turner: I love all these whiners making negative comments. They have no idea what real work is. He does a great job, especially with our sex offenders and so forth and anything to do with child abuse. I couldn’t do his job.

Samantha Kelley King: Doing well in one area (and that’s definitely an area up for major debate) does not give anyone a pass when they completely fail to act ethically or do the job they have sworn to do, which is uphold justice for all of McLennan County. Justice is blind or at least it should be. Imagine if you or someone you loved was injured or killed by a drunk driver. How would you feel knowing your elected DA caused to disappear drunk driving charges for his friends/contributors? And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Darren Turner: Okay, liberal.

Luke Snyder: This has nothing to do with being liberal. I’m extremely conservative and I see the issues with the DA. I knew we would have them back when he was first elected.

Donna Benton: It’s amazing to me people believe anything they read in the paper and we should all know the reporters want headlines, not truth. I’ve known Abel since he was 7 and he has been a good person.

Larry Heine: Abel Reyna will go down in history as the man who bankrupted Waco.

Matt DeZell: Don’t you know it’s the good-old-boy system in Waco?

Will Abbott: Crooked Waco.

Bambi Dean: Reyna has a job. Quit hating.

G.J. Hernandez: Money talks these days. Nothing to do with morals or ethics. Money people take care of money people. Waco will never be the city people think it is. Not until the circus is sent packing.

Randall Gerik: Funny how they call out Reyna but [are] very vague on everyone else’s names [in the Trib story]. I guess if you frequent this “sports bar,” you got a target on your back.

Marc George: Kind of like if you wear a vest and ride a motorcycle, you must be in a criminal gang.