One-half of our nation is in jubilation, one-half finds itself in something approaching deep grief. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has not only won the election but also transformed the Republican Party. Comments from our Facebook page:

Joycee Davis: My president, Donald Trump.

Dian Robinson: Thank you, Lord.

Stephen Curtis: We the People knew it would be no other way. We have spoken. Now put the criminal liar in jail. It is pathetic so many voted for her! Red in the House and Senate also. The Trump Train has spoken.

Richard Alex Simpson: Put her in jail for what? The Republican FBI director said there was no reason to. Should he be allowed to just arbitrarily lock up a political opponent because he feels like it?

Charles Hess: It’s incomprehensible the most lying, corrupt woman in the United States could even be able to run for president.

David du Menil: President Obama got everything he wanted, and still the people on the right were called names constantly. It’s time the news media comes out for the American people rather than the Democratic Party.

Ben James Sauceda: So you’re saying whatever BS law that Trump wants to pass, everyone should be OK with it? That’s a problem.

Jill Saxon: This probably helps his chances of not going to prison for fraud over Trump U and raping minors.

Iris Lawrence: The rape case was already dropped. For the third time.

Jill Saxon: Because she feared for her life. Receiving death threats tends to make victims of sexual assault retreat. Thanks for setting women back 50 years.

Iris Lawrence: Americans need to unite and stand together, not divided.

A.C. Martinez: Wait till the ICE van pulls up!

Rita De Leon: I finally got to vote today, but only on a provisional ballot. The reason why is because someone who has the same name as myself and no photo ID voted at 4:25 today in South Waco. It wasn’t me because I was home after working all day, 7-4, in Bellmead. I only vote at the civic center in Bellmead. Now I have to spend time I can’t afford to lose from work to clear all of this up. It’s crazy. I’m still wondering, though, how you can allow someone to vote without a photo ID? Crazy.

Kristi DuBois Byrd: Somebody said they voted for Hillary because “if she doesn’t know what to do, her husband will.” Wow! Well, my husband’s a nurse. Can I get a nursing license, too? If I’m in the middle of a code and I don’t know what to do, I can just call him. God, help us!

Ashley N. Warren [on a Trib editorial pleading for an elimination of congressional obstruction]: He will not get any obstruction. We all know this.

Christie Smith: Well, the Republicans are to blame for the gridlock. Now that they’ve swept everything, why should we all come together? Is it because finally we have another white man in power? Recession and war coming to you soon.