While a new CNN poll indicates most Americans want to see President Obama nominate someone to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the president’s Facebook post inviting Americans to sign a petition backing that view drew various thoughts, not all similarly disposed. Here’s a sampling of the most engaging thoughts touching on everything from rumors that Scalia was killed in Big Bend to a 1787 compromise in the Constitution involving the value of African-American slaves (three-fifths) in population counts in order to determine Southern representation in Congress:

Donna Melissa Simmons: I signed it and will support President Obama till the end. Let me repost so all my peeps can sign as well.

Tim Quilty: Too bad that online petitions are completely meaningless, but the sentiment is nice.

Geoffrey Lyons: Sorry, Donna, the end is here. Congress beat him to death. RIP the presidency.

John R. Apthorpe: Sen. Biden, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Reid and Sen. Obama are all undeniably on record as advising against any president appointing a Supreme Court justice in an election year. These are wise and noble Democrats who have our best interests at heart. I think we should heed their advice.

Lori Wilkinson Connelly: They can always vote no.

Patricia Ryan: Anyone who obstructs justice — Republican, Democrat, independent, Cat Scratch Party — should be ashamed! This is childish, bullying behavior and I’m sick of it!

V.l. Jeter: Ted Cruz blocked a bill that would have aided Flint, Michigan, in repairing the water infrastructure, but I guess he figures all that bottled water will last and last and last.

Cody Morrow: Yeah, how about no? If President Obama’s just gonna appease the Republicans by nominating a Republican governor [Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, who has now removed himself from any consideration], I’d rather they stonewall him until we can hopefully get Bernie in and get Democrats back in control of the Senate so we can get a real liberal appointed.

Peter N. Horne: When the time comes, I may sign. The Senate has no responsibility until a judge is nominated. So far it is all “what if” talk. Since the current Senate is not known for matching action to words, I am not going to assume they will take no action.

Rich Wasson: They are doing their job, especially according to Sens. Biden and Obama. Been watching the garbage from the opposite side ever since Bork. About time to see it go the other way for once.

Libby O’Clear Bünz: I just signed, since it seems quite obvious that this is the president’s responsibility, regardless of the election cycle. But why is it asking me to donate $15? Are you seriously crowd-funding to support the functions of government? I could have sworn that there was something like this already in place where the government takes money from the people to fund its activities.

Arielle Jean: The American people already exercised their voices when they said President Obama could have another four years in office and those four years aren’t done yet. Don’t act like you’re doing us any favors by delaying the nomination.

Carol Watson: I kind of want the obstructionists in the Senate to hold up a nomination so that President Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders could nominate Barack Obama! Who better qualified? Would serve the GOP right!

Elaine Marie Schumaker Crain: I agree President Obama should nominate Ted Cruz.

Darren D. Foster: Obama should have done a recess appointment the minute they said they wouldn’t hold a hearing! He blew it!

Leslie Harris: If Obama wants it, Republicans are against it. So sad to see people who swore to uphold the laws are so blinded by their own agendas.

Jan Goldstein: Wouldn’t it just be easier for President Obama to bump off a second conservative judge?

Rich Spohn: The GOP loves the Constitution till it’s not in their favor.

Joshua Olsen: Apparently, the Republicans think a black (mixed) president only gets three-fifths of a term. Fascinating.