C-SPAN asked its Facebook readers on Monday if they thought the U.S. Senate should act on a Supreme Court nominee or wait. Responses were lively:

Thomas Chandler: Yes, the U.S. Senate should do their constitutional job and hold confirmation hearings to vote to accept or reject the president’s choice.

Larry Cook: And then reject.

Jason Platt: They need to act and give the nominee an up-or-down vote. It is outrageous that they would even consider postponing action till after the election. President Obama (or any president) is president till his term of office ends. If it was a Republican president, I don’t think Sen. McConnell and his fellow Republican senators would be proposing any delay.

Scott Dutra: So Democrats suddenly want to follow the Constitution.

Rich Graham: Exactly. But right now their position is that they will refuse to do that. The Constitution says they must advise but they can’t possibly do that till they know who the nominee is. So by stating that they will not even consider the nominee they are refusing to do their constitutional duty.

Karen Williams: Delay, delay, delay.

Janine Daly: I am with Karen — delay, delay, delay and lose the fall elections because Republicans cannot get the job done. It will cost them the moderate vote, the independent vote. So go ahead — delay. I dare them to do it.

Rich Graham: Yeah, Republicans keep promising they are going to hold their breath until they turn blue. Maybe they will finally decide to dig in their heels. But if that happens, they might as well forget about the White House. It’s not just that they would be seen as holding the country hostage but they would be seen as doing it in order to steal the election. Remember, Bush [in Bush v. Gore in 2000] was selected by Justice Antonin Scalia.

Andrew Elliott: No one really hates this president. We’re just not happy that he wants to impose his will against ideals we’ve had since before him and his parents were born. We don’t want Sharia law in this country. It is clear to those of us who are sensible enough and can pay attention to stuff that he favors Muslim philosophy. But wait till the Muslim philosophy gets ahold of your gay friends.

Bunnie Gronborg: Of course they should because it is their constitutional duty to vote on confirmation one way or the other. The president has the authority and duty to nominate a new SCOTUS member. Should the Senate refuse to act, they will be exposed as the hypocrites and obstructionists that they are and they will bring a Democratic wave to the polls in November.

Larry Howell: Obama is such a lover of the Constitution that he is always signing executive orders bypassing Congress and the Senate. Well, this bloody time his “cooperation” with Congress and the Senate is coming back to bite him.

Tredeci Septimo: But executive orders are constitutional. And certainly Obama didn’t start this cold war with Congress.

Rocky Buldo: On Day 1 Republican leader Mitch McConnell set out to thwart this presidency, then tied the legislative branch into knots. Now all GOP candidates are cheering for him to hamstring the judicial branch. What was that about “restoring the Constitution”? Wake up, America!

Susan Quinn: In the best interest of our country (something that the Republicans completely disregard), the Senate should grow up and act like adults and give proper consideration to a nominee now. Do what’s right for once!

Emily Robinson: The Senate should act. The American people have spoken, voting President Obama to two terms, and if it is not done, then the Supreme Court is disabled.

Matt Funk: Wait! Obama screwed us up enough. Let the new president decide. We’ve had enough communist “change” under Obama.

Cindy Haun: How ironic. Obama is trying to convince us that he suddenly cares about the Constitution. Congress needs to finally do its job and protect Americans from this lawless and destructive president. And Obama needs to be imprisoned for his lies and destruction.