The McLennan County Republican Party’s recent fundraiser featuring GOP congressmen Trey Gowdy and Bill Flores attracted plenty of comments reflecting not only the divide between Republicans and Democrats but one between Republicans. At one point, Flores voiced concern about being attacked by segments of his own party as he works “against the forces of socialism and the left.” A sampling of thoughts:

Matthew Mevis: How about you stop worrying about “winning against socialism and the Left.” Addressing concerns about policies involving race, gun regulation (not confiscation), equal protection under the law for all people, gender identity, bodily autonomy and the like isn’t a game to be “won” or “lost.” This ain’t a Rangers game. How about instead of all that “macro-politics” jazz you instead focus on legislation that benefits everyone you represent? There isn’t some mystery here. You aren’t being opposed by the Left because we’re horrible people. You are opposed because you’ve stopped listening to us. Because you think that the way you live your life is the way everyone should live their lives, and that’s just nonsensical.

Elli Harris Mevis: Oh, yeah, you know the huge threat of socialism in Waco/Bryan/College Station. How very brave. He’s trying to keep us safe from wild tigers too and look how wonderful a job he’s doing!

Michael Larsen: I was at this event and I was really struck by the contrast between these two elected officials. Whereas Gowdy took responsibility and blamed himself for legislative failures (for not being persuasive enough), Flores blamed his colleagues in the Senate and “the media.” Gowdy is concerned about real enemies (ISIS, Russia, Iran, North Korea), but to Flores the enemy is the “Left.” The solutions to our country’s problems for Gowdy are better civic education, adherence to the Rule of Law and separation of powers. For Flores, it’s more (presumably Christian) prayer. Interesting contrast.

David du Menil: Flores is only there because he is the incumbent without a decent challenger. Trump has been fighting the GOP since he was elected. If Flores wants unity, he has to bend to the will of Trump and the people who voted him in. Anything else will only continue to wipe out the party.

Dale Kitchens: The forces of socialism and the left are in the minority in every branch of government and two-thirds of the states. If you can’t do your job, then that’s on you.

Lessie Spindle: As an elected official, you represent your district. That means all of it. They vote you in, they can vote you out.

Robert C. Duncan: I see lots of flustered socialists and leftists in the comments.

Lessie Spindle: If you see “lots of flustered socialists and leftists,” you are reusing titles that you or one of your leaders applied to citizens who honorably disagree with your personal beliefs. That is a shame and doubly so in this nation of the free.

Rhonda Taylor: I wanted to see Trey Gowdy!

Don McFarland: Once again Mr. Flores is quoting the party line. Mr. Gowdy spent millions [of dollars] trying to prove something on Mrs. Clinton. The media does not pick on Donald Trump. He gives them proof of his falsehoods daily.