Sunday’s Trib story about the owners of a “Fixer Upper” home in North Waco who felt “deceived” by the city of Waco and Magnolia Realty after a motorist plowed his car into their home ignited strong feelings. The couple complained it was like “the Wild West here. There’s been a lot of commotion coming from the bars and the store across the street.” Opinions from our Facebook page:

Kerry Kone Sosa: There are resources they could have checked prior to purchasing this house, but I’m guessing they didn’t or completely ignored the results because they were going to be on a popular TV show. Don’t come back after the fact and complain about it. Either sell the house and move or quit your complaining!

Angela Richter: They wanted the celebrity house and bragging rights. Then reality stepped in.

April N Mitch: I am the manager of the bar down the street that has all of the “commotion” and it was our security who ran down there as soon as the wreck happened. The man tried to run and it was our security who held him till firefighters got there and took control. I understand this was a bad situation, but the neighborhood is far from the Wild West. We have been here going on two years and we love where our bar is located.

Kimberly Cutler: They felt deceived about Waco and Magnolia selling them a home that’s in the wrong part of town? Open your eyes, people, and look around. You cannot run the already existing residents out so you can live comfortable. Move to a better neighborhood next time and don’t try to live some dream that in reality is really in the hood of town.

Mark Brown: How do you buy a house and not look at the neighborhood? That house is right across the street from a convenience store with bars on the windows. I am sorry they got hit by the drunk and glad everyone is OK, but maybe with the insurance money they can just move elsewhere.

Heather Marie Sutton: So sad they try to blame someone else for their lack of research before buying the house. No one was trying to deceive them. It’s a good thing that living in the Wild Wild West does not hinder them from renting their house out on the weekends for $350 a night (two-night minimum). None of the reviewers on Airbnb complain about the neighborhood. If I had the opportunity to make an extra $2,800 a month, I would be thankful.

Pam Garrett: It was such a cute house! I’ve often wondered how it’s working out for “Fixer Upper” buyers since they are typically from elsewhere and unfamiliar with the area they’re moving into. I hate that it’s been a bad experience for this couple. Maybe they’ll count their blessings and try a different area.

Jill Folkert King: They need somebody else to blame because they didn’t research the area? It’s called due diligence and they didn’t do it. Must’ve been blinded by the idea of a cheap house and being on TV.