Veteran Trib staff writer Mike Copeland’s follow-up story on the real-estate listing of a shotgun house at 624 S. Seventh St. for almost $1 million prompted plenty of opinions. Even though the house has a measure of fame because of its renovation by Chip and Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” fame, many balked at the house’s small size — 1,050 square feet — and its location. A sampling of Facebook comments:

Elli Harris Mevis: If you rented this house out at $300 per night without ever missing a single night, it would take nearly 10 years to ever see a profit. Does anyone really think that the “Fixer Upper” fad will live that long? If so, I have a carport to sell you. It contains inside it a TV that once had Joanna Gaines’ hallowed face on it. Only $600,000 but think of it as an investment!

Glenn Schmedthorst: It will all end when the Silos have to start paying taxes in about two years. Waco’s downtown will be dead again and all the restaurants and condos will end up being Section 8 housing for the city.

Matt DeZell: It’s not a case of sticker shock, it’s a case of gentrification where flippers think they can monopolize.

Rita De Leon: The owner needs to look at the market he’s trying to sell in. Not very many, if any, who live here can afford it, and those who can don’t want to live here. Price needs to come down, way down. Good luck with selling it, though, sir. You’ll need it.

Rebecca Nolan: If I’ve got a million dollars to spend on a house, it’s not going to be a tiny house in the hood, that’s for sure.

Jackie Foster-Sanchez: I wasn’t impressed by Magnolia [Market] and I’m not impressed with the house. I’ve never even seen the show. So I’ll continue to flip through the channels and laugh at the craziness!

Elizabeth McMeans Anderson: Like anyone cares what you watch.

Calyssa Sims: What I can’t wait for is to see who actually buys it!

Vera Thornton: They can ask whatever they want. It’s what they actually get that matters. Don’t agree with the price? Don’t buy it.

Shelley Taylor Neimer: As a loooooongtime Wacoan, this just makes me laugh! Over behind the fast-food restaurants on I-35? No thanks! But blessings!

Karen Hall: This is NOT a reasonable price for a business investment. The ROI is not workable. This owner does not have a good understanding of investments, just a vivid imagination.

Kellie Malone: HGTV needs to get better at vetting the homeowners on “Fixer Upper.”

Laura Graves Hendrix: Jealousy is an ugly thing!

Susie Freeman DuPuy: Come on, people. This isn’t the Gaineses doing this, it’s someone trying to profit off their name.

Rosi Stovall: This man’s greed could destroy the reasonable housing prices in Waco.

Kenny Ingram: On the upside, I might be able to get $150,000 for my little storage building out at Bosqueville.