We were astonished at the number of people who responded unfavorably on Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s own Facebook page to his proposal to require transgender people to use bathrooms in public schools, government buildings and public universities based on “biological sex.” A sampling of the public commentary:

Marilu Martinez Fleming: Texas has been cutting education every chance it gets. We have gone from the third best economy to the 21st. Why don’t you worry about funding our public schools instead of pushing a voucher system, which is only going to create pockets of educational depression. As an elected official, please concern yourself with more important matters than where people pee.

Steve Scott: What exactly made this issue “you never thought you would have to address” [transgenders in bathrooms] an issue you are addressing now? Please reference specific instances that are making this an issue.

Sandy Fambrough: We have major issues to address and THIS is what you think is important? Why are you for smaller government unless it has to do with the privacy in the bedroom or the bathroom? Do your job and govern! Stop the hate, stop the fear. This will cost the state millions in lost business — just like what is happening in North Carolina and what was likely to happen in Indiana.

Heather Lewis: The Texas Association of Business reported that this legislation “could cost the state from $964 million to $8.5 billion . . . and 100,000 jobs.” This is not fiscally responsible legislation. Just look at North Carolina and Indiana.

Patty Callahan Walker: I am a Texan who does NOT support this bill. Transgender individuals are not predators intent on harassing others in the restroom. Instead they are more likely to be the victims of harassment if forced to use facilities of the gender they don’t identify with. Who will enforce this? How? Talk about government overreach!

Ryan M. Keith: Dan Patrick, is this supposed to help justify your bigotry to us? You are obsessing over the wrong things. Focus on the real issues Texans are facing today and don’t waste this legislative session on repeating the bigotry we already saw coming out of North Carolina in 2016.

Triston Bar Yahshua: Can we get priorities in order and work on passing House Bill 375, Constitutional Carry? Criminals will carry guns whether or not it’s illegal so the only thing this does is make our streets safer by allowing citizens to defend and protect themselves.

Sarah Bates Mitchell: Dan Patrick, we need to be focusing on CPS, foster children and providing financial support to our public schools instead of this ludicrous bill written in fear by the alt-right.

Melissa Wood: How much does it cost to put up a few stalls and doors? But you don’t care how much of our tax money you waste on needless lawsuits. Our property taxes keep climbing through the roof. And you don’t care. Rise up, Texas, and let’s vote these clowns out of office next election.