Readers, mostly women, offered great compassion after considering our story about the mother of a newborn baby girl who walked into Waco’s Fire Station 11 Tuesday evening, asking firefighters to take custody of her 3-day-old daughter. The mother told firefighters she had given birth to the baby at home, was unable to care for the newborn and wanted to give up her rights to the child under the 18-year-old “Baby Moses” or Safe Haven law. This law allows the parent of an infant younger than 61 days to relinquish rights to a child at an emergency infant-care facility or designated safe place without fear of prosecution.

Alisha Bellene Huff: As the adoptive mother of a child surrendered under the Baby Moses Law, I am so thankful for her brave and selfless choice.

Amanda Pullen: That had to be a hard decision. Not our place to judge. Thank God the baby is safe and I pray for the mother who made this choice.

Shannon Lamb: Though very sad to read, that birth mother is a strong and courageous woman. A good mother puts her child’s well-being first and she obviously made this sacrifice with the child’s best interest in mind and the hope of a better life for that baby.

Angela Richter: Not an easy situation, but the mother had to be in desperate straits to give birth at home and then take her baby to the fire station. I pray for her.

Kimberley A Smith-Cooper: I respect this mother implicitly and completely! This mom just gave a beautiful baby a chance at a beautiful life! I hope her life abounds in blessings for her and her remaining children!

Christina Michelle Jimenez: I’m in tears for [the child] and her momma. Nobody loves you more than the woman who birthdays you. Thank God for blessing us today with people who will love and care for her from now on. I pray that she grows up and feels love and never feels abandoned. Prayers for her siblings. May they find one another again.

Shelli Penland McAdams: I hope the birth mother reads all these kind, supportive posts! That was such a hard decision to make. Thank you for doing the right thing for your baby.

Judy Lenhart: Thank you, lady, whoever you are. Baby Moses signs should be posted and placed in all of the places that teenagers and mothers go. It will save the lives of children. There are so many children having children today. They are scared and don’t have a clue about what to do or how to receive help.

Hayden Murphy: According to Exodus 2:2, Moses was 3 months old when his mother put him in the basket, meaning the actual baby Moses wouldn’t qualify under the Baby Moses Law. On a more serious note, I’m glad the child is safe and in good health.

Bill Blanton: As the adoptive father of a daughter I am proud of this lady. Society today has made it so convenient to terminate a life that many don’t even bother to think of any other option. She gave nine months of her life to save this baby.