Last week, Republican Congressman Roger Williams issued a statement about the Dallas tragedy that claimed the lives of five police officers, saying that the “spread of misinformation and constant instigation by prominent leaders, including our president, have contributed to the modern-day hostility we are witnessing between the police and those they serve.” Many returned fire on the congressman’s Facebook page, crediting Williams with political opportunism or worse.

Kpop Yari: Sir, you’re part of the problem. You/we are all to blame. We don’t trust you or any politician. Look at what you’re doing now . . . Talking points. Send prayers, then do something to help. Your party is just as guilty as the other party because you do nothing.

Dave Lammers: Two questions. Are you going to charge Hillary and are you going to make gun laws harder?

Kristin DeWitt: Stop it. STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT. YOU are the instigator here. You don’t believe the crap you’re spewing, you just want to keep racists inflamed. If (you) actually believe this, if you are incapable of seeing or hearing measured speech filled with fact, reason and warranted indignation on behalf of both victims of police violence and victims on a police force, you are not remotely qualified to serve in any elected office.

Hubert Doyen: As always, Congressman, you represent what I am thinking. Keep doing the good work in Congress.

Tamara Hoffmann Shipp: Surprised you had time to even think about “the fallen, their families and their loved ones.” You’ve been so busy pointing fingers and assigning blame. Beyond disgusting.

Chris McAlister: Please stop politicizing these tragedies so soon after they occur. I can say at least one Dallas citizen is offended by your comments.

Chris Desnoyers: You should resign right now for that statement. Idiots like you have no place in our government!

Alonzo T. Calzone: So, let me get this straight . . . Obama, Hillary et al are responsible for the Dallas shooting of police officers, but conservatives are NOT responsible for the murder of innocent people at the abortion clinic in Oregon earlier this year? How does that work?

George Kaplan: It works on his side of the looking glass.

ARenee Martin: The Republicans’ hatred and disrespect of President Obama is to blame. Look in the mirror with your hateful selves!

Paul Trabulsi Sr: Rep. Williams, please stop with divisive derision of President Obama. Millions of Americans are in anguish tonight after the shooting of police officers and by police officers. I beg you to measure your words carefully, sir, so that no more innocent lives, black or blue, are lost to gun violence. Please. Be part of the solution and open your heart. Please.

John Tampazopoulos: Obama does not respect our military and our law enforcement. This is the root cause of what we see today with our police men and women being prosecuted just like in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Luke Piper: With due respect, Congressman, there are two inconsistencies within this comment that bother me. First, and this is more a comment against the party as a whole rather than you specifically, after frequently criticizing the president for allegedly turning national tragedies into political fuel, I fail to see how ascribing blame to the president in the immediate wake of said tragedies is any different. Second, I believe that if someone is to argue that Obama is to blame for this shooting, they must also hold that Sarah Palin is responsible for the shooting that put a bullet through the head of Gabrielle Giffords. There is no argument that this is a tragedy that had no place in an otherwise peaceful protest, but I believe placing blame on the president is both inappropriate and hypocritical.

Pat Rogers: Old white man’s Ignorant racist statement. You and people who think like you are the problem. Get out of politics.

Pilar Saenz St.Clair: Words matter and yours are dividing our country.